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Latinx Night 2021

Latinx Night 2021 was a hit! Tables were covered with different types of food from empanadas to tamales. An award-winning taco truck even came to KPS to deliver some delicious food! I visited the dessert table for quite a long time and my eyes feasted on just the sight of the churros and chocolate and Brazilian Brigadeiros. Everyone from primary schoolers to parents were on the dance floor, celebrating by listening to songs by Pitbull and Cardi B. Towards the end of the event, Latinx Night founder Rosalinda Markels spoke about what the event meant to her and her children, and how the creation of it represented and included Kent Place’s Latinx students. From the food to the music to the dancing, the night was a huge success!

Karla Perdomo, leader of Latinx Cultural Association, on her take on on Latinx Night and other Latinx events:

“This year's Latinx Night was the most successful out of the four we have had at Kent Place, and it definitely had the best turn out. It was great to see the community come together to appreciate Hispanic heritage within our community. We had our Delbarton and Spanish Club collab which also had an amazing turnout—50 people. It was amazing to see members of our own faculty teach salsa and bachata and to see students genuinely appreciate the culture. Our movie screening of In the Heights was also such a great time! We discussed the lack of Afro-Latinx representation within the movie and the intersectionality within different characters of the movie. This year we also hope that kicking off affinity groups will allow us to grow closer as Latinx-identifying students. Spanish language tutoring has also got off to a great start. This was a great last Hispanic heritage month for me!”


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