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SIS Notes 2023: Groups

The following notes were written to groups of seniors. Please see the SIS Notes 2023 Home Page for links to individual notes and the photo gallery.

APES D-G Seniors (Annie, Noe, and Sophie)

Celia Kanellakos and Sarah Stavrovich: Annie, Noe, and Sophie -- thank you for making APES D-G one of our favorite classes of all time! We have had so much fun with you all and appreciate all your senior wisdom, jokes, and stories. We will miss you so much next year, but best of luck at Rutgers, Colby, and Oxford! PLS COME BACK AND VISIT

Arts Committee Presidents (Lily and Arabella)

Nina Choi: Hey guys! Thanks for being such amazing and inspiring presidents over the past two years. I've loved working with you both and can't wait to continue your work next year. CONGRATS! p.s. you should make a return appearance for AF'24 :)

Ballast EICS (Josh and Mackenzie)

Isabella Deng: Thanks for being really great EICS (and not yelling at me when I turned in half my assignments late) You guys were always very organized and on top of things! Good Luck :) !

Celia Kanellakos: Mackenzie and Josh -- thank you for being the best Ballast EICs of all time! It was great working with you both this year (Mackenzie also on the soccer field). I will try my best to achieve your level of Ballast greatness next year using all the knowledge I've gained from you both. I can't wait to see what you do at Cornell and Columbia! Best of luck - Celia

Basketball Team Seniors

Naomi Ravenell: "I wanted to take a moment to express my extreme gratitude for yall 😊. Your leadership, dedication, and hard work has been really inspiring to me. I learned so much from the five of you during the season and hope to bring that with me for the next 3. Thank you for being such great teammates. I will miss you all, and good luck in college! p.s. make sure you come back for county championships next year :)"

Sophia Gandhi: Thank you all so much for such a fun season! I had so much fun in basketball with all of you and we are all going to miss you next year. Good luck at college!

Mr. Biddulph: Mackenzie, Margo, Caitlin, Sophie and Kay:  Thank you again for all that you did for your teammates and for the program this year on the basketball court. I am so grateful that my first class of seniors displayed the leadership and character that you did each day. You laid a foundation for great things to come for the Dragons. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to coach each one of you. Sara and Anne, you were wonderful managers and you made my job so much easier.  Thank you for all that you did to make things run so smoothly and for contributing to the positive energy and spirit that defined this team.  I will miss all seven of you next season and I wish you the best of luck in the future!

Block A Spanish Seniors (Seema, Lizzy, Kristine, Cece, Nupur, Mary, Sophia, Tara, Madi)

Shivani Shah: Thanks for all the Scrabble tournaments! Have so much fun at college!

Block DG Physics

Natalie Weker and Mo Xu: Thank you all for being the best physics class possible!!! We had so much fun with all of you. We had some pReTtY rAnDoM discussions and hit our heads on flying pigs, but it was still an amazing time. Good luck next year in college!!! pIckY cHOOsY hEhEhEeEhE (<-- morwen)

Class of 2023

Ms. Woodrow: Wishing all of you the best of luck on your new adventures! Sincerely, Ms. Woodrow

Ethics Bowl Captains

Charlotte Grushkin: Thank you so much for being the best ethics bowl captains anyone could ask for! You guys worked so hard for our team, and we wouldn't have been able to do it without you!

Ethics Bowl Seniors

Maddie Popolow: You guys are my life savers. The amount of hard work, energy, and passion you put into ethics bowl this season definitely did not go unnoticed. Although we didn't get the results we wanted, you should all be so proud of what you have done for this team! We went from very rocky beginnings.... to showing up as a strong group to the competition. I know the juniors will have a hard time filling your shoes next year and we will miss you all!!

Dvita Bhattacharya: Thank you so much for being our team captains this year! It's been a great two years with you all and we're going to miss you a lot next year. The team won't feel the same with all of you gone. Good luck at college, and come back to visit sometime!

FBLA Senior Leaders (Sofia, Jessica, Veronica, Christina)

Colette Gentile: Thank you guys for being such amazing FBLA leaders this year! It was so fun working with you, and I hope you guys have an amazing time in college. Best of luck! We have a lot to live up to :)

Flag Football Seniors

Sophia Gandhi: Thanks to all the awesome seniors who played flag football! This season has been super fun thanks to all of you. Good luck at college!

Juliette Maria: Thank you all for being supportive and patient with everyone. Each of you makes the team more fun and makes sure everyone feels welcome. The team feels like a place where everyone can work to improve on their skill without judgment and all of you make this possible. I don't know what the team is going to do without you all. Thank you for a great season.

Improv Club Leaders

Maya Yie: Hi Veronica and Sekai, even though I am not a member of the club, I have always loved reading (and not deleting, unlike other clubs’ emails) the amazing Improv Club emails. Please check the photos for a screenshot! Keep writing fun emails in the future!

Ishani, Lola, Izzy, Sofie (Peer Ed Leaders)

Mariana Pirez Ramirez: Thank you for being great peer ed leaders! Our meetings were so much fun and I will miss them a lot. Have a wonderful college experience!


JV Tennis Captains (Anushka and Giulia)

Diana Reig: I can't believe that you are graduating, Giulia and Anushka! Having been doubles partners with both of you, I will definitely miss all the jokes and laughs we had on the court! Thank you for always making tennis practices fun and stress-free environments, and for building a great community on the team. It will not be the same without you next year, but I can't wait to see where the future takes you! Good luck at Northeastern and Babson!!

Sophia Gandhi: Thanks for being awesome tennis captains! We're going to miss you so much next year, good luck at college!

Lacrosse Team Seniors

Lilly Gomes: Thank you guys for being the best role models, all of you are always full of energy and fun to be around!! I will miss all of you, please come and visit when you can next year!💚

Clare Pawlowski: YOU GUYS ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST! I don't know what I'll do without you all next year, your energy is unmatched:) have the best time at college and visit us next year!!!!!!💚💚💚💚💚

Lily b. Miller, Cece Reali, and Tara Ghose

Ms. Cohen: Lily b., Cece, and Tara: You've been fantastic class leaders. You brought your class together in so many ways and you are great at showing up, staying calm, helping out, and just being genuinely good seniors. Thank you, and congratulations :)

Nana Yaa, Sydney, and Ariel

Imani Farrell: You guys have become like family to me. I know I’m not usually emotional (unless we’re talking about my opps) but I want you guys to know that I love you guys from the bottom of my heart. I know you guys are gonna go on to do amazing things and I’m so sad that I’m not leaving school with y’all. Nana yaa you’re my favorite old soul to be around. You give great advice and you have a warm personality. (Forever aunties baby 😜) Sydney you’re like my older sister. You’ve helped me through so many things and I can’t thank you enough. Ariel!! Your also like my sister! You’re actually so funny and your smile lights up a room. Your laugh is contagious and your so great to be around. I want to thank all of you for letting me join your group when I had no one at the beginning of the school year. Even when you guys leave, I will still work hard to make you guys proud! I will miss our gossip session and our talks about my latest oppositions. I will love you guys forever!

Physics Class Block E

Ms. July: Dear physicists,
It has been a great pleasure teaching you Physics this year. It was not necessarily easy, but definitely fun experience for me and I truly hope for you too. Thank you for your engagement, eagerness to learn, support, and understanding. Teaching you, reminded me how much I loved Physics when I was a high school student and made me realize how much I love to teach it now.
Thank you all for being amazing, funny, hardworking, and companionate human beings. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and certainly know that you will succeed at anything you set your mind to.
Bon Voyage!!!

Science Olympiad Presidents (Sneha and Roshni)

Diana Reig: Roshni and Sneha. I can’t believe the time has come to see off our beloved Science Olympiad founders and presidents. Thank you for creating a wonderful, positive environment during every team meeting and for all your words of encouragement leading up to our competitions. You helped make Science Olympiad one of my favorite activities to participate in and I know that we will truly miss you next year. Natalie, Sajni and I will do our best to continue your Science Olympiad legacy and we hope you’ll come back and visit. We all really look up to you and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for both of you. Congrats on your graduation and good luck at Penn and MIT!!

Science Olympiad Seniors (Sneha, Roshni, and Sophia)

Dvita Bhattacharya: Congratulations on graduating!! I am going to miss all 3 of you so much next year - Science Olympiad won't be the same without you guys there. Since freshman year, Science Olympiad has been one of my favorite extracurricular activities. Between our *highly* productive after school sessions and chaotic competition days, I've made some of my best friends through this club. Thank you so much for forming and being a part of it, as well as being there for all of us as our mentors and team captains. You've been there for us with emotional support, course recommendations, your mom jokes and cookie cake. You're like my school parents (except for Roshni, you're my slightly unhinged uncle), and I'm going to miss you so much next year. Good luck at college and make sure to text us :)
PS: Sophia you still have to teach me Patristocrat ciphers and the sacred secrets of Codebusting

Senior ILMUNC Presidents (Kristine and Giulia)

Deysi Rodriguez: You guys were really good MUN leaders, and made the club fun! Have fun in college!!

Naina Bhardwaj: Hi Kristine and Giulia! I just wanted to thank both of you guys for being such amazing ILMUNC leaders, you really helped make the conference super fun and educational and I learned so much in the process. I really enjoyed being in club meetings and felt that I learned so much about Model UN from both of you, plus you organized the whole thing really well and efficiently. I wish you both the best in college!!!

Celia Kanellakos: Kristine and Giulia -- thank you for being the best ILMUNC presidents a girl could ask for. You will both be missed dearly. Feel free to come back and visit me and Largo anytime. Have fun and best of luck at Georgetown and Northeastern! 🥳❤️

Starboard EICs (Sneha and Veronica)

Geo Thatch: Thank u for everything you've helped me with this year <3<3

To my Local Literatti! Annie Ge, Annie Woodall, Ellie Blundin, Amanda DiTommaso, Margo D'Angelo, Molly Daab, Addy Downey, Christina Galdi, Kay Lyon, Vivi Ng, Charlotte Post-Lipnick, Ella Schestag, Olivia Santoro, Cece Reali, Clara Schreibman, Sneha Shirhattikar, Lily Valverde, Caitlin Williams

Ms. Cohen: What a wonderful way to spend this spring. Thank you for your creativity, energy, and general New Jerseyness (nowhere's else is better)

Varsity Soccer Seniors

Megan Llewellyn-Jones: I am so lucky to have played on a soccer team with all of you! All you we so fun to be around and I learned a lot. Have a great time at college and we will all miss you! :)

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