When you are used to waking up at 2 pm., but class starts at 8 am today:

When you are picking out what outfit you will wear to “school” today:

And you decide to spice up your look for beach day:

Your computer after a 200 person zoom morning meeting:

When you don’t know the...

February can be a very dreary month. The restfulness of break has worn off and it is FAR too cold. Scroll to see things to make your February fun! Includes many fun national holidays, laughing babies, and more!!!


February 2nd- See if Punxsutawney Phil thinks Spring is...

When it’s the middle of October and you get the first STAR survey:

When the survey asks for your stocking height, so you write 3 ft:

When Halloween ends and then it’s suddenly December 1st:


And, the face of the salespeople at the mall when you request a black floor-leng...

When it’s finally October 1st:

When you promise yourself that you are going to plan your costume early:

But, then it is October 30th and you still have not found a costume:

And when you go ham on Amazon:

But, when the costume actually arrives:

Or when your package arrives o...

September 7, 2019

Hello Starboard Readers!

This is Brody, my four year old Norwich terrier, who also happens to be my bff.

Like many of us like to hang out with our human friends, I love to hang out with my furry friend. I hate leaving Brody at home when I go out to eat, shop, or do other...

May 26, 2019

Definitions are quoted directly from the Oxford English Dictionary unless otherwise noted.

amicable (adj): friendly

During these trips, you’ll start to see the same people over and over again.  

DO: Chat with them.  It’s cool to meet people from all around the country (or...

End Of Year Moods:

When it’s finally May 1st:

But, when you realize it is still cold:

When your teacher starts assigning the EOL projects:

And when you haven’t slept in three days:

When you see all the kids playing outside while you are stuck doing homework:

And after writin...

April 30, 2019

    It is Tuesday of STIX 2019, and it is getting heated. Seniors are jumping out of bathroom stalls and scaring unsuspecting freshmen, causing millions of troops to be forced to return home to their families. Although some students have already collected 30 sticks, th...

 Here is the original video without any voiceovers: 

Special thanks to Mr. Maset, Dr. Shah, Dr. Schwartz, Ms. Chaffee-Cohen, Ms. Ebner, Mr. Morey, Dr. Pantozzi, and Ms. Woodall for p...

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