mEET THE Editors

Vivienne G. '20



Vivienne is thrilled to serve as Starboard Editor-in-Chief for a second year because she believes in Starboard’s commitment to creativity, highlighting student voices, and building community.  Her contributions to Starboard include journalism, web design, video creation, event coverage, and other writing.  She is most proud of her article, “Talking Gender at Single-Sex Schools.”  Outside of Starboard, Vivienne enjoys playing piano, acting in plays, serving as GSA President, and collecting stickers.

Madeline E. '21

Junior Editor


Maddie is excited to have become a Junior Editor after joining Starboard last year and serving as a web and tech leader. Outside of Starboard, she enjoys dancing, teaching gymnastics at her local YMCA, and being part of the Kent Place robotics team. Maddie loves Starboard because it gives her an opportunity to write articles about topics related to STEM, specifically technology, which is an area she is very interested in. When Maddie is not at an extracurricular or doing school work, her favorite TV show to watch is the science fiction drama on Netflix called The 100.

Elizabeth M. '21

Junior Editor


Elizabeth is so excited to serve as a Junior Editor for Starboard this year. Elizabeth has been a member of Starboard since freshman year and last year took on the role of Study Break Liaison. She enjoys making humourous content tailored to the unique aspects of Kent Place. Outside of Starboard, Elizabeth enjoys participating in varsity soccer, varsity ice hockey, and the Ethics Bowl team.

Audrey A. '21

Content Editor


Audrey is really excited to be the content editor for the 2019-2020 school year! Audrey loves outdoor activities like biking, hiking, snowboarding, and camping. Her favorite subject in school is science, and she hopes to one day be a scientist researching the environment. She also loves being the varsity goalkeeper on the field hockey team, running the Girls Outdoors club, serving on the orchestra board, being a part of the Judiciary committee, Environmental Club, Mock Trial, and of course, Starboard! Although there is so much great content on Starboard, Audrey’s favorite post is the Halloween Dance Party video by Eleanor K.

Tyler N. '20

Editor Emeritus


Tyler is thrilled to continue her involvement in Starboard as Editor Emeritus for the 2019-2020 school year! If she had to sum herself up in three words, she would choose the words, original, effervescent and global-minded. Outside of writing for Starboard, Tyler can be found reading, blogging, watching the latest movies and basking in the sun with her dog. Tyler is most passionate about sharing stories and starting dialogue between people of different backgrounds through her work. In this spirit, Tyler looks forward to collaborating with her fellow Starboard leaders and creating content that both challenges and meets the needs of the Kent Place community in the upcoming year. 

Alex P. '21



After working as a Junior Editor throughout her sophomore year, Alex is extremely excited to take on the role of Starboard EIC. She especially enjoys writing the publication’s Monthly Newsletters and is looking forward to the specialty workshops Starboard will host later this year. Outside of school, Alex loves spending her evenings working as a Taekwondo instructor and coach. If she isn’t doing homework, checking the Yankees’ score, or watching action-thrillers, you can probably find her struggling to come up with a good way to end the short online bio she’s writing about herself.

Olivia G. '21

Junior Editor


Olivia is delighted to serve as Starboard's Junior Editor this year. Last year as Web and Tech Design Leader, she had the opportunity to utilize her experience in both computer programming and web design and hone these skills as a member of the Instagram Team. In her spare time, Olivia is a Girl Scout Ambassador and enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and family. 

Abby N. '22

Junior Editor


Abby is incredibly excited to be one of Starboard’s junior editors for the 2019-2020 year! Abby loves to write about a multitude of different topics for Starboard. Some of the work she has done in the past includes an article and survey about the best coffee in Summit, a video of teachers trying the app TikTok, an article featuring students’ opinions on our dress code, a playlist, and the “Keeping Up with KPS” page. Outside of school, she enjoys singing and playing squash. In her free time, she likes to watch movies and go to concerts. 

Shefali M. '20

Senior Guide


Shefali is excited to serve as Starboard’s Senior Guide for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year! Last year, she served as the Events Coverage Coordinator and started the Wisdom Owls advice column, and she is looking forward to producing more creative content this coming year. Outside of Starboard, Shefali is a co-editor for Dichos, a Bridges Coordinator, and absolutely loves travelling and photography. 

Ruby P. '21

Morning Meeting Coordinator

Ruby is so excited to serve as Morning Meeting Coordinator for this year. Prior to this, she had helped and worked on uploading the announcements given during Morning Meeting. Outside of Starboard, Ruby loves to hike, swim, and working on her Girl Scout Gold Award, and can be seen running Girls Outdoors with her friend Audrey.

Caitlin T. '21

Community Coordinator​


Caitlin is excited to serve as Starboard’s Community Coordinator! She loves to cook and bake and finds enjoyment in making food videos for Starboard's Study Bake column! She enjoyed being a part of the Instagram team last year and hopes to continue this year. Outside of Starboard, Caitlin enjoys playing tennis and squash and being a part of the Community Service Committee. If you can’t find Caitlin at school, on the courts, or at home she's probably getting bubble tea!