mEET THE Editors

Alex P. '21



Alex is thrilled to spend her second year serving as Starboard Editor-in-Chief. She especially enjoys bringing new initiatives to life, organizing workshops, and writing the publication’s newsletters. Outside of school, Alex loves spending her evenings working as a Taekwondo instructor. If she isn’t checking the Yankees’ score, watching action-thrillers, or telling her friends about obscure comedians, you can probably find her struggling to come up with a good way to end the short online bio she’s writing about herself.


Olivia G. '21



Olivia is delighted to serve as Starboard's Editor-in-Chief this year. Prior to this year, she served as Starboard's Web and Tech Design Leader and Junior Editor, allowing her the opportunity to utilize her experience in web design and computer programming and hone these skills as a member of the Instagram Team. Olivia is incredibly excited to watch Starboard flourish over the course of this year. In her spare time, Olivia enjoys giving back to her community through service as a Girl Scouts Ambassador and a member of Teens for Teens, a charity helping teens, run by teens, and traveling and spending time with friends and family.

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Abby N. '22

Deputy Editor


This is Abby’s third year in Starboard, and she is a deputy editor! She is a junior, and loves playing games like Animal Crossing New Horizons and Breath of the Wild. In her free time, she attends JSA meetings, plays squash, and participates in choirs in and outside of school. Her favorite things to do are play Bedwars and eat ice cream with her friends.

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Veronica M. '23

Associate Editor


Veronica is a current sophomore and this is her second year as a member of Starboard, and her first year as an editor. Veronica loves to write opinion articles and is most proud of her article “Paper vs. Online: A Tale as Old as 2007!” When she isn’t working on the website, you can find her hiking, baking, traveling with her family, or fencing. Veronica also loves acting, and has performed in both Radium Girls and is now in The Offerings.

Audrey A. '21



Audrey is a current senior, who is super excited to be one of the co editors-in-chief for starboard this year! She has been a part of starboard since freshman year, and absolutely loves the creation of content (especially videos), and is excited to help Starboard grow. She has served as a junior editor, content editor, and now one of the editors-in-chief! You can usually find her playing her favorite sport - field hockey, at the dog park with her dog, watching scary movies, spending time with her friends, or going on a hike outdoors. Although she has published many articles and videos (some of which are very old and cringey), her favorite project is the “Spirit Week 2019” video that she made for spirit week last year, using a gopro camera. Audrey is super energetic, very extroverted, and absolutely loves pancakes.

Madeline E. '21

Deputy Editor


Madeline is currently a senior and this is her third year as a member and leader of Starboard. She has served as a Web and Tech Leader, Junior Editor, and is now a Deputy Editor. Madeline also loves creating content, particularly when she can involve humor or write about technology. Outside of her work with the publication, she enjoys dancing, teaching gymnastics at her local YMCA, and being part of the Kent Place robotics team. When Madeline is exhausted from work, her meal of choice is tacos!

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Elizabeth M. '21

Associate Editor


Elizabeth is currently a senior and this is her fourth year as a member and leader of Starboard. She has served as Study Break Liaison, Junior Editor, and is now an Associate Editor. Her favorite Starboard project that she has made is the Valentine’s Day Card Scavenger Hunt. Outside of Starboard, she enjoys playing varsity soccer and varsity ice hockey, competing in Ethics Bowl Competitions, and working on EconLife and Investment Club.   

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Anna P. '21

Associate Editor


Anna is a senior and excited for her fourth year of Starboard! Some of her favorite projects were the Virtual Valentines, Holiday Moods, and the Kent Place Coloring Book Fall Edition! In the past she has been Study Break Liaison and is now the Community Outreach Liaison. Outside of Starboard she plays Varsity Soccer and Varsity Lacrosse, and is co-leading GLAM’D this year!

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Caitlin T. '21

Associate Editor​


Caitlin is a current senior and has been a member of Starboard since her sophomore year. This year she is an associate editor and is responsible for Starbaord’s outreach to the KP community through Starboard’s instragram and collaborations with clubs. Caitlin’s favorite content to create for Starboard are life hacks and tip lists. Outside of Starbaord, Caitlin enjoys playing on the tennis and squash teams and participating in the community service committee. When she has the time, she also enjoys getting a good bubble tea from Kung Fu Tea.