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SIS NOTES 2019: Groups

Many SIS Notes are addressed to groups of seniors.  Please take the time to scroll through and find your SIS Notes.

Click here: SIS Notes for individual seniors with last names A-M. 

Click here: SIS Notes for individual seniors with last names N-Z.  

Class of 2019 

Ms. Mulry -- You are a great class!! It has been such a pleasure getting to know you. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and hope you will come back and visit us often.


Andra Constantin, Gabrielle Narcisse, Skyler Ford, Lauren Lindner

Francesca Callejas -- Thanks for being super fun PeerEd leaders. Good luck in college!  


AP Shakespeare Spring trimester

Ms. Lee -- Click to view image


Ballast EICs - Jaida Larkin, Michaela Markels, and Sofia Kwon

Lizzie Herr -- thank you guys for being such great leaders of Ballast!! You have done such great things with the paper and have been such an inspiration to me! Thank you for being so helpful in helping Naomi and I adjust us to being EIC's. Naomi and I have such big shoes to fill next year :)


Basketball Team Seniors (Sarah Johnson, Maggie Russell, and Ellie Alix)
Chelsie Nacelus -- Thank you guys for being such amazing basketball captains this year! Even though it was my first year, and I struggled a bit at first, you were all so understanding, knew how to have a great time, and were awesome role models for me and the rest of the team! I know you will all do extraordinary things in college! Hope you can come and visit sometime! 
- Chelsie


Block H AP Poetry - Second Trimester

Ms. Lee --  Click to view image    



Chamber Singers Seniors

Quincy Clew -- i cant speak for all of the juniors in our class, however, i know that we will miss you all dearly. you have brought so much to the group and i loved singing with you. i have so many fun memories with you from ireland, star, and just being in class with you. miss you and love you much💗


Contempo Fictionistas - Eleanor Alix, India Berry, Andra Constantin, Josie Daab, Abigail Evangelista, Emma Fischer, Skyler Ford, Emily Hanson, Anna Hogarth, Sasha Khidekel, Nicki Leffler, Lauren Lindner, Caroline Lubow, Grace Paul, Lily Pence, Grace Reddington, & Gabie Vicens

Ms. Cohen -- I'm still not sure if we'll ever agree on the definition of a "vegetable",  but I learned the singular of spaghetti is "spaghetto". I hope you will continue to ask: Is it Good? Is it Real? Is it New? of all of the new literature and culture you consume in the coming years. You are a wonderful group of risk-takers, questioners, analysts, and creators. Click to view image                   


Enviro Club Leaders (Anna Hogarth, Grace Reddington, Jilly Sher)

Ms. Chaffee-Cohen-- Thank you, Enviro Club Leaders, for all of the effort you put into this year.  You really strove to do things differently and engage club members in new ways.  I am proud of the commitment each of you has made to trying to live more sustainably and share what you have learned with others!

-Ms. Chaffee-Cohen


Gabby Alpert and Jayla Creekmur

Afia Oduro-Manu -- Please don't hide our markers in places that are too hard to find, lol 


Gabrielle Narcisse and Grace Reddington

Stacey Espiritu -- You guys are my girls for life and I hope that you’ll miss me as much as I’m gonna miss you. We’ve had some of the greatest times together and I’m ready for the rest of them to come through when you come back to visit me. Keep on thriving ladies. Love you


Grace Paul, Olivia O'Sullivan, India Berry

Quincy Clew -- hey. i love you all. i will miss you a lot. please come visit. ilysm and i’m glad to see you starting a new chapter in your life 💗 ilysm bbys


Golf Seniors: Gabbie Vicens and Kailee Saunders

Grace Holt -- This year has been so fun with you guys and I'm glad we always got to practice together! I can't wait to see what both of you do and am so happy for you both. Thank you for always giving me a ride when I needed one! 


Hannah Abere and Olivia Okunak 

Stacey Espiritu -- My babies. We’ve been squad up since day one and I don’t know what I’m gonna do without my main squeezes. You both have always made me laugh til I’m genuinely wheezing and I know that that’s what I’m gonna miss the most. There’s never a dull moment when I’m with you two and I’ll always remember our good times together. Don’t you forget about me when you’re both living it up. I’ll always be your baby Filipino :) Love you


Ice Hockey Seniors 

Mr. Maset--

Ice Hockey Seniors,

Congratulations on a terrific season and career! Whether you were a four year player or a first timer, it was an absolute pleasure coaching you and thank you for giving your best. I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of all of you. Together, we have done some great things-- a 59-19-2 record, 4 Summit Cups, and the first-ever MUGIHL Championship-- but what I think i'll remember most is how much fun I had doing it and I hope you did too. Know that Kent Place Ice Hockey will always be your home and you are always welcome! Remember to do what Teddy would do and never forget the role fertilizer actually plays. Best of luck next year and you better come back and visit.

Mr. Maset


JV Soccer Seniors- Natalie Gemici, Sam Endlich, Erin Ducharme, and Emma Fischer

Grace Holt -- Soccer won't be the same without you guys next year. I don't know how I will put up with John or Meagan. I know none of you will get lost in the sauce in your D1 college soccer careers! Thank you for being great captains, friends, and role models."    Click to view image


Kaira Brown and Josie Daab

Grace Morris -- I've never done a sport at KPS without you two and I don't really want to know what that's like. I love you both so much and I know you will both do amazing things in college!


Katherine Barrasso and Sofia Kwon

Grace Morris and Nika Naumovich -- Thank you so much for being amazing Chorale presidents! You've been the best role models for the past three years and we have some large shoes to fill. We're gonna miss you both so much and we know you will do great things in college! -Nika and Grace


Kitty Litter

Gabrielle Narcisse -- Dear Kitty Litter,

Wow. This is it. I could not have asked for a funnier, crazier, more creative, hard working, supportive, caring group of gals to spend high school with. Love y’all long time :,)  Click to view image


Lacrosse Team Seniors

Isabelle Zeidner -- Thanks for being the best teammates and leaders ever, can’t wait to see the amazing things you’ll do in college! Remember to be umboo.  


Lacrosse Team Seniors

Arden Meyer -- Thank you guys so much for being amazing seniors, players, and teammates! We all look up to you guys and we're going to miss you next year :(((. You all made us feel welcome to the team and have made lacrosse so much fun this year. Lax won't be the same without you!!! Good luck in college, you guys are going to do great things! #Room4402 From, Little Rat, Peelz, Claire, Abby


Lenti Advisory

Ms. Lenti -- You all have inspired me every day with your kindness, your intelligence, your passion, and your heart. I have been so lucky to have been a part of your amazing journey through high school. I am so proud of you and I can't wait to hear about all of the amazing things you have yet to accomplish! I'm here for you always. With love, Ms. Lenti 


Local Literatourists and Natives: Gabby Alpert, Jayla Creekmur, Abigail Evangelista, Emma Fischer, Skyler Ford, Lu Friedland, Keerthi Jayaraman, Sarah Johnson, Disha Karale, Olivia Okunak, Grace Reddington, Vlada Taits, Keertana Talla, Gabie Vicens, Maddie Zietsman   

Ms. Cohen -- You shared your local knowledge with me; we read WCW, and ranged from there to Springsteen to Lauren Hill to Larry Kramer to Judy Blume. We read about tragedy and trauma and gentrification and transit and bridges and tunnels and ferries. I will use your bookmarks next year as you make new and old places "local." Photo by Maddie Z, "Sunrise" (in New Jersey, of course).  Click to view image   


Media Literacy Seniors

Shefali Murti -- We will miss making ~montages~, creating magazine covers, and watching that guy mukbang McDonalds for 30 days straight with you guys. We all made Kent Place history being the first ever Media Lit class so let's hope our incredible legacy lives on. No one can ever top us. xoxo,  your fav junior media superstars (Shefali, Isabelle, Eve, and Audrey) <3  Click to view image


Murphy Advisory Group

Ms. Murphy Congratulations on your graduation!! Each of you have taught me something in the two years that I had you as advisees! Come visit, keep in touch, and keep growing!!! 


Physics table: Kaira Brown, Laura Jeffries, Sejal Gude, and Abigail Evangelista

Grace Holt -- It's been quite a year with you all! I never know what to expect coming into physics but I love that we are in it together. I have had so much fun and thank you all for being so welcoming to me (that little Junior who decided to take Physics). I know you all are on to a next chapter with great things ahead.


Peer Ed Leaders - Caroline Benou, Maddie Denenberg, Erin Ducharme 
Leah Paul -- I'm not sure about the other groups, but I'm almost positive that we had one of the best peer ed groups and the main reason of that is because of you guys! You all really made so many topics super easy to talk and ask about and I really looked forward to peer ed. Thanks for making high school look a little less scary, I'm definitely gonna you all and miss our secret boyfriend alerts :( Good luck next year!


Perf Co Seniors

Lizzie Herr -- wow. It has been quite a year. A lot of bad things have happened. But ALSO a lot of good HAHA! I am not really sure what Perf Co is going to be without you guys next year... hmm. You are all so smart, funny, and such great writers it is insane. I look up to you so much and sometimes even envy you all for being such incredible writers and coming up with the funniest possible pieces!! I remember when Nicole wrote a line about a specific landmark in the Short Hills Mall (I will be unspecific just in case this comes out before the show) and Liz, Sofia, Ms. Lesnik and I just turned to each other and were like, "how on earth did she come up with something like that?" You are all so impressive!!! Perf Co is always the highlight of my day and I cannot thank you guys enough for being such amazing leaders of the class. I do not know what Liz, Sofia, and I would do without your guidance!! I will never forget all the great times we have had together including our time in the dark with the Tectonic company, our pre-show rituals, and all of us dying as Kaira read poop. 
Kiana: thank you for always giving the best feedback! I will never forget you playing Garrett in the family skit because I died every time! rip your Latinx career. Be safe flying next year!! 
Kaira: thank you for singing my name in
the the hallways and always making me laugh! Liz, Sofia, and I are going to have to fight it out to see who will be crowned to replace you as the cook in the kitchen next year. I hope your bet is on me. HAHA remember when you showed up to the EIC lunch? Good times. I will miss your hysterical pieces next year :( 
Nicole: Remember that time we had to write that scene for Victoria and the
gropey uncle? SO INCREDIBLY UNCOMFY but also hilarious!! ahahaha I will miss you so much next year and do not know how I will survive without your hugs :( 
Olivia: thank you for constantly making me laugh with your hilarious ideas, pieces, and stories!! You were always the one to come up with the perfect missing line and I do not know how you are so talented! 
Jayla: You always have the best ideas!! YOU are such a talented writer wow!! Don't tell them but Ms. Lesnik and Nicole got it all wrong: the patio line is phenomenal. Remember me when your famous and working for SNL or something!!
P.S. "So what did we learn?" ~ anonymous 


PerfCo Seniors

Liz Cotter -- WOW I am going to miss you all so much!! We have been through so much this year and I really appreciate everything you have done for me, not just as a writer and a performer but as a person. We are going to have some huge shoes to fill next year, and I hope we make you proud. I'll never forget all the jokes and mems <3 Good luck at college- y'all are gonna do great things!!!


PerfCo Seniors

Sofia Handzy -- I am going to miss you so so so so so much next year!!!!! You all have been the perfect seniors for this roup and I will never forget the memories that we have made in this group! You have all greatly impacted my life and I am forever grateful :) Love you all



Robotics Seniors: Sasha Khidekel, Gillian Gogliormella, Emily Hanson, Lexi Hobbs, and Katie Rebhun
Margo Costigan -- Thanks for being great robotics seniors! You guys were such an important part of the team and we will miss you next year. Good luck in college!


Sasha Khidekel and Katie Rebhun

Margo Costigan -- thanks for being amazing seniors! i'll miss you next year when I actually have to be productive during genius. have a great time in college! 


Sasha Khidekel, India Berry, Natalie Gilfillan, Maddie Zietsman  

Karla Perdomo - Thank you for being such amazing peer ed leaders! You were so approachable and gave such good advice! Thank you for making Wednesdays fun!! 
Good Luck in the next four years! 


Short Story 

Ms. Cohen -- In short, you are a terrific group of people to finish the year with. Here's a very short story by Ursula K. LeGuin ("Omelas"): "Easy. Just touch the match to" - Ursula K. Le Guin. What I wish for you all in the future: hope. I hope.  Click to view image



Sofia Scotto and Sofia Kwon

Ethics Bowl Team -- You both have been such amazing assets to the Ethics bowl team! From endless lunch practices to those hilarious late night practices when we practically hysterical, we have been through a lot together and you both have been incredible throughout it all! We will definitely miss you next year and we wish you the best of luck in college! Don’t forget about us and make sure to take special care of Geoff!



Softball Team Captains: Gabby Alpert and Sarah Johnson

Ava Zaleck -- Thank you so much for being amazing captains this year and last year! Softball won't be the same without you and we will all miss you so so much. You're going to do amazing things in college!!



Softball Team Seniors: Bella Racioppi, Gabby Alpert, Sarah Johnson, and Anna Gomez 
Trisha Lee, Grace Novak, Zoe Campbell -- Thanks for being the best seniors, you've made this sport so much fun for these last two years! There are so many things that'll be missing from the team next year, like outfield sound effects, the slide for a ground ball during every game, the masterful quick change from stage makeup to a softball uniform, and the funny stories on the bus ride back from games. Good luck in college, we're gonna miss you all so much!  Click to view image



Swim Team Seniors

Freshmen swimmers -- Thank you for welcoming us to the swim team. It was an amazing first year. Good luck to you all in college!



Volleyball Team Seniors

Aya Mtume - you guys have always made me feel so welcome on varsity coming in as a freshman. thank you so much for always being there for me during the season and i’ll miss you guys! have na amazing time at college and beyond i know you’ll do amazing!  Click to view image 

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