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The following notes were written to groups of seniors. Please see the SIS Notes 2024 Home Page for links to individual notes and the photo gallery.

AP French Seniors

Sophia Gandhi: Natalie, Anjali, Sonali, Jocelyn and Taylor - I know you all have thoroughly enjoyed french class this year and it is definitely going to be your #1 class you miss when you all graduate. Personally, I know I've enjoyed our collective experience in french this year and past years, and there's nothing I look forward to more than loitering outside dr. maccornack's classroom for at least five minutes before each class. I am going to miss you all, and I wish you the best after graduation and in college! n'oubliez pas votre francais!

Ballast EICS

Isabella Deng: Hi Celia and Maya! Thank you two so much for being amazing Ballast EICS this year! You two are so insanely creative, organized, and I admire how much you guys grew and improved Ballast so so much this year. Hope you guys have a good time in college and can grab your hands on one of our future issues sometime :) !

Kayla Peng: Hi Maya and Celia! It was so amazing working with you two in Ballast. Thank you for all of your hand work and patience, especially in those lunch periods in Dr. Young's room finalizing the layout. Seeing you guys as leaders has been really inspiring and Ballast has thrived under your creativity. Have the best time in college!!

BCA Co-Presidents​

Kyrae: Thank y'all so much for being amazing leaders!! I've been honored to be able to serve on the same team as you. I've really enjoyed our club meetings and the initiatives we've planned. It's been amazing getting to know y'all and I'm really appreciative of everything I've learned from you guys. I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors!! 🫶🏽🫶🏽

Chamber Dance Seniors

Avery Sinclair, Brooke Dambrot, Cooper Grogan, Lauren Herman:


Nora, Sophia, Ava, Angelica, Cat, Katie, Elle, Sonali - Dancing with all of you this year has been absolutely amazing. You are all incredible dancers and phenomenal, supportive people. We can't imagine not having you in Chamber next year but we are so excited for all of you!
We love you so so much and will miss you next year!

Congrats! :)
Brooke, Cooper, Avery, and Lauren (Chamber Dance Sophomores)

Chamber Singer Seniors

Isabella Deng: I have loved being in chamber with you guys this year so so much :). Each and every one of you is so insanely talented and an amazing singer! I will miss our super small group this year, but I hope you guys have a good time in college and keep on singing!!

Class of 2024

Ms. Woodrow: Congratulations! You have all worked so hard and you have arrived at this special moment. Enjoy this next chapter and stay curious along the journey. Wishing you fun, good luck and joy!

Compsci Club leaders

Nia Gitau: Hi Morwen and Annalisa, I had so much fun leading Compsci Club with you both! Thank you for being such responsible and dedicated senior leaders. I’m going to miss having you at meetings!

Ethics Bowl Seniors

Claire Cherill: 

Dear ethics bowl seniors,
Thank you for being such amazing teammates and role models for this year's Ethics Bowl team. I learned so much from you all this year, from discussing cases, revising drafts, to competing together. Being on the team this year, through all the late nights and hard work, was a wonderful experience greatly in thanks to your leadership and impact on the team. I know you will all do amazing things in college and beyond, best of luck.

Ethics Bowl Team Captains

Naina Bhardwaj: Thank you guys so much for everything you've done to make this year as successful as it was! I know it was a huge sacrifice and I hope you know how much the rest of the team appreciates your hard work and dedication. Good luck at college, you're going to do so incredibly well!

Maya Franco, Julienne Kwan, Lily Tan

Vivienne Vengroff:

Dear my favorite Peer Ed Leaders,
Thank you so much for giving me and my classmates a safe and fun space. It was so nice to have peer ed leaders that actually engaged with us. I know you all have the brightest of futures!!
Vivienne Vengroff

Multivariable Calculus Seniors

Colette Gentile: 

Dear Multi Seniors,
This year has, by far, been my favorite math class yet, and I owe it all to you. Random chats, acting out Laplace during charades, laughing up a storm, struggling through multiple integrals in Unit 3, you name it - I was always so excited to go to class and spend it with you all. You are all so brilliant and inspiring, and supportive, and helpful, and you made what normally should be an incredibly intimidating course one that felt possible. Class is going to be RIDICULOUSLY empty without all of you in a couple weeks, but I am SO excited for all of you because you are going to do amazing things in the future. Best of luck in college and beyond!! :) (Check for picture in the
Photo Gallery)

GSA Presidents

Sophia Gandhi: Rachel and Kai - Thank you so much for not only being amazing GSA co-presidents this year, but also kind and supportive upperclassmen for me to look up to. The two of you never fail to make me laugh, and I've thoroughly enjoyed all of the fun we've had in GSA throughout my high school career so far. Project Prism is not going to be the same without the both of you there, but I know you are both going on to do amazing things. Best of luck at Tufts and Oberlin, and know that you are always welcome in KPS GSA 💗

Ice Hockey Team seniors

Chelsea Cui: I am so glad that I got to play on a team with you guys for these past years! You guys have been amazing seniors and I'm going to miss you all so much when you aren't here next year.

JV Tennis Captains/Seniors

Sophia Gandhi: Annabelle, Sawyer, Sahana, Gabby and Diana - Thank you all for being such great leaders and role models for tennis! The team is going to feel so different without all of you next year, and I'm going to miss all of you so much. Best of luck after graduation and in college, you are all going to be amazing!

Lit loose leaders

Nia Gitau: Hi Vanessa and Katie, thank you both for a spectacular 2 years of Lit Loose! You made the club such a fun place and created a space for so many meaningful and interesting discussions. Lit Loose will miss you!

Mock Trial Co-Captains

Nia Gitau: Dear Gabby and Kai, thank you for being the best Mock Trial leaders this team could’ve ever asked for! You both truly transformed the team and made it what it is today. Thank you for your endless dedication to the team, incredible leadership, and all those Dunkin runs. I’m going to miss both of you so much!

Mock Trial Seniors

Chelsea Cui: I am so happy that I got to be on mock trial with all of you! From being crammed on tiny buses that definitely couldn't fit the whole team to finally beating Oratory, this team would be nothing without its amazing seniors. I hope college treats you all well!

Annabelle O'Brien, Alice Carr, Julia Messerman

Sophia DeFoe: You guys were incredible peer ed leaders. I really appreciated how much effort and thought you put into it. You guys made peer ed so fun and something to look forward to. Thank you so much.

Rhyan and Aadya

Kyrae and Julissa: Hey Rhyan and Aadya! We wanted to say thank you for being such kind and dedicated DEIB Student Task Force Leaders. You have guided our team through many initiatives and we admire your leadership skills. You both have set an example for us all. Thank you for everything and good luck in college! —Kyrae & Julissa

Science Olympiad Seniors

Nia Gitau: Hi Diana, Sajni, and Natalie, thanks for giving us a crazy and super memorable Science Olympiad season! I’m going to miss having you as leaders.

Spanish Lit Seniors

Deysi: You guys are an amazing group of seniors and I am so glad we were in the same class this you. I enjoyed every party we had this year and will miss having Spanish with you all. Thank you so much for an amazing year, you'll do great in college ! :)))

Squash Team Seniors

Vivienne Vengroff: 

Dear Carolina, Sawyer, and Miranda,

I am so glad that I was able to spend my first season doing Squash with you guys! Carolina, your kindness and care for everyone on the team is why you are an amazing captain and an even more amazing person. Sawyer, it was so fun seeing you after so long. Knowing the places you were taught (FBS and KPS), as well as knowing you, I know that wherever you go you will thrive with compassion. Miranda, you are gentle, kind, so funny, and powerful. With the confidence of Beyonce and the amazingness of you, you will change the world! Thank you guys for being so special and fun!

Lots of love,


Starboard EICs

Geo Thatch: Surprise! We actually are doing SIS notes this year! Totally got you! Seriously though, thank you guys for being awesome friends and coleaders. I will miss you both next year 😢😢😢!!! 

The Media Studs 

Sofia Wanosky: 

Dear Kara, Stephanie, Nathalie, Taylor, and Celia,
It has been so much fun being in class with all of you this year. From learning about media economics to blades of glory, it has been so much fun learning with all of you and getting to know you all. I wish you all the best in college and I am excited to see what you all do!

Varsity Basketball Captains

Sophia Gandhi: Sarah and Quinn - Thank you for being the most amazing captains this year!! I have had such a blast playing basketball with both of you for the past couple years, and I know the team is not going to be the same without you. Please come back and visit (definitely to watch us win) next year, and have a great time in college! Best of luck at Bates and Wake Forest, you're both going to do incredible things!

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