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SIS Notes are organized by the last name of each senior.

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Gabrielle Narcisse

Aya Mtume- formerly known as THE gabrielle universe. hello. where do i begin. whether you were telling me about zay cash, or making me laugh until i peed, there has not been a single moment where you did not make me smile and feel happy. i’ll never forget when you and anjolie just randomly sat w me and my friends at lunch. i 100% thought that you were the coolest person in the upper school. your style, your energy, ALWAYS on point. i’ll miss your hugs and your high-pitched laugh nest year. your mind amazes me with every artistic piece of yours. even though your driving could use a little work, i appreciate everything you do for me. morning p.e. will not be the same without your sick moves. i know you’re always there for me and never forget that i’m just a text away. NYU isn’t ready for the gift they’re about to receive. love you.  Click to view image


Julia Pampush- Gabrielle! It has been a pleasure leading DivCo and FAB with you. From your example, I have learned how to lead a club and lead it well. The halls of Kent Place will be lacking your colorful outfits and big smile next year. I am truly going to feel your absence because we have had to work with each other all year long, every week! It has been so fun. Together, we have put our heart and soul into planning club meetings and I will cherish the memories forever. Remember when we became friends my freshman year? Somehow three years have passed and I am still so glad to call you my friend. I have faith your gonna be in the MOMA some day. Keep working hard on the things you love. I can't wait to visit you in NYC! Sincerely, Julia <3 Click to view image


Rachel Esposito- GIGI!!! I’m so immensely proud of you! You are so inspiring to me and I am so lucky I got to know you. Not sure how I will survive without you next year, but I’ll be visiting you at NYU so often. Can’t wait for more laughs and more mems. You’re gonna do BIG things, and I can’t wait to see what you do!! Don’t have too much fun at college! Block D Spanish forever. Love you the most!!!! <3 :,) 


Helen Pertsemlidis- Good luck in college! I will miss you, but I know you will do great!! Click to view image


Gabrielle Moore- I'm gonna miss you so much! I'm so proud of you and I cannot wait for all the amazing things you are gonna do in this world! Your creativity and passions will take you so far! LOVE YOU SO MUCH


Samara Grannum- Since I don't really do chocolate hearts or cookie grams this is the least I can do. From the minute we got to high school I remember being very intimidated by you and you were also in my spanish class. I remember last year when we had to use our name cards in class and you picked out your name from the pile and also handed me mine and passed the rest along. I remember being so excited that THE Gabrielle Narcisse actually knew my name. That's just one out of many memories we have together. We have had so much fun together and you also got me my first ever chopt salad which is basically a milestone at Kent Place. You have taught me so much from going to clubs like DivCo and FAB and just being around you and hearing you say the smartest stuff and me having to look it up just to keep up with you. Good thing you are going to school in the city so that it is easy for me to come and annoy you at anytime. I look up to you and have so much respect for you and the things that you have done for me and all the ways that you've helped me out in high school. I love you and will miss you more than you know.


Isla Okkinga

Alana DeVirgilio- Good luck in college!!


Audrey Alix- Hi Isla! You are the best goalie partner and so much fun to hang out with during practices, and a great coach too. I would not have gotten to the level I'm at in field hockey without help from you. I will miss your humor next year, as well as your amazing talent (I have big shoes to fill). I will be sure to tell the freshman what you told me: if you pump your arms it makes it look like your running. Good luck playing next year! You will do great things and I will miss you.


Olivia Okunak

Claire Bryant- Field hockey would had not been the same without you. I loved to watch you play and cheer you on. Not only will I miss you on the field, I will also miss seeing you in the halls and you greeting me with one of my many nicknames. Good luck next year.


Gabrielle Narcisse- oh liv oh liv oh liv Im so so so excited and curious to see what your... special mind comes up with next. I hope to see you writing cartoons or for comedy tv because I’ve never met someone with such quick witted humor. You never fail to say the most bizarre and hilarious things and idek what high school would’ve been like without that. Thank you for always making me laugh :)



Olivia O'Sullivan

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Nikki Patel

 Ariel Lashinsky- Hey girl! Thanks for being an amazing friend and role model. You radiate such positive energy and vibes that immediately makes everyone who is around you happy. I can always count on you to make me smile and I am eternally grateful for you. You are such an amazing and inspiring person and I'm glad to call you a friend. I'm gonna miss screaming your name down the hallway and talking to you at the benches. I'm looking forward to more car jams, Pizza Vita dinners, and good times with you and I can't wait to see all you accomplish in life. Love you girl!


Georgia Rabin- I've loved being your freshman sister this year! Thanks for being the best! :) ily!


Aya Mtume- NICKEL PATEL!!! thanks for always saying hi to me in the halls and giving me hugs whenever i see you. i’m so glad i got close to THE senior class prez :)) i remember random moments last year when i would have club volleyball but basketball would have a game and would use half the gym. i remember thinking “she seems pretty cool”. i never would have thought that i would actually be talking to you and getting a birthday hug. i’m gonna miss you so much but i know you’re gonna kill it at GW!!! love you!!


Tyler Newman- Hey Nikki! I've loved getting to know you over the past couple of years. Your personality couldn't be described as anything but "sunny". Your ever-present smile and jokes made me feel like I could go to you for anything. Thanks, for being a great friend! <3


Maggie Stanton- Nikki Patel, my calculus and ex-basketball buddy. I know you are going to do big things at GW. I am going to miss you so much! Love you!


Stacey Espiritu- NIKKI PATEL! I love you. Since freshman year, you’ve been my go to. There hasn’t been a time where you haven’t been there for me. Whether we’re in basketball season or not, I never have a doubt that I can count on you. Thank you for always being there to make me laugh, make me feel better, drive me around, and for just being my friend. You deserve the whole world. I don’t think my high school experience would’ve been nearly as fun if I hadn’t met you and for that I thank our positions as starting benchwarmers ;ppp. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without you next year. You’ve been someone that I look up to and know that I can rely on. Thank you for always being you and encouraging me to stay me. Senate, basketball, and just life in general isn’t gonna be the same without you but I’m so ready to see you thrive at GW! I love you Niks! Click to view image


Ava Zaleck- Nikki! I will miss you so so much next year, but I know you will do amazing things in college! - Ava <3


Zoe Campbell- Thank you for being one of my best friends. I could not imagine the last two years without you. You are one of the most caring people I know. Miss you already. You are going to do amazing things at GW. I can not wait to visit you! Love you!! Click to view image


Samara Grannum- You made shore conference so much better and we got so much closer there. Thank you for sitting with me on the bus on the way back because I didn't have a bus partner and just making it so great. Thanks for answering any questions I had about anything honestly and being there for me. I will miss you so much next year and you're going to kill it at GW.


Liz Cotter- Goodbye spikeball partner :( Don't know what I'm going to do without you during F block- I'm going to have to find another partner that will listen to Post Malone and rock as much as you do! Good luck at GW- you're gonna kill it! ily, and i'm going to miss you so much!!!


Grace Paul

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Nicole Pavese

Vivienne Germain- I'm going to miss you so much next year, but I hope you have an amazing time at Denison. Thanks for always being such a sweet friend. Theatre here won't be the same without you.


Gabrielle Narcisse- MY GOOD FRIEND CORN! I’m just writing you this message to let you know how much I love and appreciate you. You are so hard working, so funny, so creative, so intelligent, and the list goes on... I will never forget the amazing skits and characters you came up with in perfco or struggling through two years of math with you! I can’t wait to see how you change the world corn!!!


Martin, Grace- Thank you for being the best senior sister anyone could ask for! From Peer Ed to Block E in the middle school, I'm so glad we became so close this year. I'm going to miss seeing you in Perf Co. I know you'll do amazing things at Denison and beyond!


Tyler Newman- You and Jayla's reign as JV tennis captains was a time that I will forever miss. 


Lily Pence

Anyra Kapoor- thank you for being a great captain and senior to the swim team. i can not wait to see what you do in college! will miss you 💗💗


Emma Yang- Thanks for being an amazing captain and making this season so fun! Good luck at college!


Freshmen Swimmers- Thanks for making our first high school swim season the best ever! You’re a great role model and leader. We can’t wait to see all that you accomplish at UMich next year!


Kelsey Katt- Thanks for welcoming me to Kent Place this year! Wishing you the very best at University of Michigan!


Isabelle Zeidner- Farewell. Can’t wait for you to visit me and help me with French!


Olivia Rabin

Afia Oduro-Manu- I'm so glad that u decided to become a Windward leader this year - I definitely appreciated your music taste and ability to package the magazine's InDesign file. Have fun @ Bates!


Georgia Rabin- Love you Olivia! I'm so proud of you :))


Eirian Huang- thank you for being a great senior sister and inspiration this year!! I am sure you will do great things and I’ll miss you next year.


Gabrielle Narcisse- Hi Olivia! Writing you this note to send my appreciation for your creativity and intelligence. I’ve felt nothing but support and reassurance from you and I appreciate that so much. Your ideas and thoughts are magical and i can’t wait to see what you create next!


Tyler Newman- Thanks for lending me your book! hahaha ;D


Emma Chan- Hi Olivia! Congrats on finishing senior year!!!! Thanks for being an awesome (unofficial) senior sister and wearing a Koya shirt to the first day of school. I'm still looking forward to the day you wear the CROP top :) anyways I hope you have an amazing time in college and I'm sure you'll do even more awesome things!


Bella Racioppi

Hannah Asirvatham- I Hope you do great at Princeton next year! Have fun!


Audrey Alix- Bella! You are the best bench buddy during softball, and an overall great friend to have around. You are such a good listener, and I know that making friends next year will come super easily for you. You are so smart, so nice, and so fun! Although, stop showing off so much during yoga :). Congrats on Princeton! That's amazing! You will do great things and I will really miss you.

Maddie Estey- Bella, I'm really going to miss you! Your senior project was my favorite dance I was in this year and I am so glad that I was in your group. You are so funny and smart and I can't believe we won't be in school together next year : ( Also, I can't wait for your birthday because I still have those gorgeous pictures of us haha. We rocked those sunglasses and shirts from the 70's. I'm gonna miss you, good luck!


Stacey Espiritu- Bella! Thank you for being one of the coolest Senate presidents I’ve ever seen. You’ve truly impacted our community in a positive way and I can only hope that I’ll come close to doing the same. You’ve been a true leader and I’ve been able to learn so much from you. You’re gonna thrive at Princeton. Hope I can make you proud! :)


Eliza Lox- Even though we don't actually play softball on the same team, I have loved getting to know you the past two years. Thanks for just hanging out with me and talking, especially during that communication activity when I ended up doing most of the talking. I will miss you next year!]


Victoria Nouss- I am going to miss you so much when you leave :( I am so glad I got to know you during volleyball season!! Please come and visit as much as possible!!


Emma Chan- Hi Bella! Congrats on finishing senior year!!! Thanks for being a super cool lowkey senior sister and being that person I can rant to about Save Me :) Have a great time in college and I'm sure you'll do so many even more amazing things!


Katie Rebhun

Margo Costigan- hey Katie, thanks for being so great at mock trial/robotics/photoshop/playing the harp. good luck in college next year! Click to view image


Emaan Jan- I will miss you next year, but good luck in college- I know you'll do awesome!!


Afia Oduro-Manu- Thank you for putting up with 3 years of latin class with people who were 1-2 years younger than you.


Grace Reddington

Isabel Smith- Dear Grace, I hope you have an amazing time at college and I know you are going to do great. Thanks for being a great senior sister and I hope Cornell treats you well!


Claire Bryant- First things first your tic toc skills are insane. (You are lucky I did not add any) I am really going to miss our car rides, trips to get food, and most of all our talks. Even though everything you do is an L and you act like my mother I am still going to miss you a lot. Remember to make big moves only.


Mira Pantozzi- Grace, I've really enjoyed having physics class with you and I just wanted to say that you are so cool and I'm so happy I got to become friends with you this year. You are part of what makes F block so much fun. Keep that same fun dad energy at Cornell next year! I will miss your fun dance moves so much next year :(


Clare Buckley- Hi Grace! This may seem very random but I just wanted to say how cool it was having you tour me during your freshman year--I remember visiting your bio class and now we are in bio together! You are so funny and nice, and I want to wish you the best of luck next year!


Samara Grannum- Thanks for convincing me to bring home my violin a few times this year and actually practicing. We got so much closer this year even though we went to Florida together when I was in sixth grade and you scared me so much. I'll definitely miss you next year and you're going to kill it at Cornell.


Maggie Russell

Ariel Lashinsky- Hey girl! Thanks for always taking the time to help me when I'm struggling with a basketball drill. You are such a kind-hearted and funny person and I love spending time with you! You have so much talent and every time you step on the basketball court, I am amazed by everything that you do. I can't wait to visit and watch your games next year. I'm gonna miss you so much, but I know you are going to do amazing things. Love you Mags!


Zoe Campbell- I am so so happy we became close this year. I know you're going to kill it the next four years. I couldn't image playing with anyone better. I can't wait to visit you next year and watch you play at Tufts!! I'll miss you so much!  Click to view image


Stacey Espiritu- Mags! My dance partner for life. Thank you for always being ready to go off with me at any time and any place. You’ve made not only basketball fun but my high school experience. I’ve been able to learn a lot from you while also having a goood time. Thanks for being my friend. You’re always gonna be a Rockstar and I genuinely can’t wait to see you ball out and look Tuff at Tufts. Get it. Ha. But forreral love you forever and miss you already :)


Kailee Saunders

Victoria Nouss- I am going to miss you so much! I hope you have an amazing time at deserve it! I'm so happy I got to know you this year because you're awesome!


Iman Handy- I LOVE YOUUU!! You’re gonna kill it at Notre Dame!


Sofia Scotto

Anyra Kapoor- good luck at college! thanks for being a great person in general and giving me advice for everything. i'll miss you.


Elizabeth Mastrangelo- I am going to miss you so much in Ethics Bowl next year. To many more sketchy Chinese food places. So amazed at everything you do!! You deserve it all and more. Good luck next year!


Jilly Sher

Ruby Pollack- Wow! You are graduating! Jilly this year you have been such an inspiration to me ( and Audrey). Your work ethic, and ability to come up with new ideas has really taught the values of a good leader. Even though this was my first year at KPS, I feel like we have become pretty good friends. I will cherish our memories at Girl’s Outdoors and Environmental Club. But most importantly, I want to say thank you for allowing Audrey and I to help plan GOs meeting. I had so much fun helping you plan these meetings as well as the winter outing. Audrey and I have some pretty big shoes to fill, but allowing us to collaborate with you has really helped us prepare for next year. Jilly, I’m going to really miss you next year. But I know that you great things at Bowdoin and I can not wait to visit you!!

Ms. Chaffee-Cohen- I am thrilled at the foothold that Girls Outdoors has taken in the KPS community this year. You have created a strong club with a foundation that will carry on for years to come. Thank you, Jilly, for sharing your passions with us! -Ms. Chaffee-Cohen


Victoria Nouss- I'm really happy that I got to know you this year because you are such a kind and fun person to be around :) I am going to miss you so much so please come visit! Love you so much!!!!


Maggie Sher- Love you Jill! Bowdoin doesn't know what's coming:)


Adithi Jayaraman- Jilly, Congratulations on graduating from high school! That is no small feat and you accomplished it with such elegant grace! I just wanted to say how grateful I am for you! You have helped me so much over these past four years: from lending me your pre-calculus notebook (which was gorgeous by the way) to helping me with my history essay at 8 on Sunday morning, you have always been there for me! You are such an amazing, humble, and kind individual and I think everyone can agree with me in saying that you have one of the most sincere and illuminating smiles! I am really going to miss you next year, but I know you are going to do big things at Bowdoin! Best of luck in the next chapter of your life and please come back and visit! Love, Adithi


Maddie Estey- Jilly, I'm going to miss you so much! You are so sweet and smart and I love doing track with you :) Sorry I was only a "fake" thrower this year but I promise that I really enjoy spending time with you and the ~iconic~ group of excercise-hating people (okay maybe that is a bit extreme but you know what I mean). I am glad you are always willing to be my running buddy when everyone else thinks we are crazy. Good luck at college!! Keep Ruun-ningg (woah that is fun to say but weird to type). Love you!


Tyler Newman- JILLY!! Trebs won't be the same without your ~postive~ vibez. Thanks for all the rides to performances, I'll miss jamming to the Jonas Brothers with you. XOXO


Julie Soldat- oh jilly jilly bo billy I'm going to miss our conversations about Disney and telling you something "juicy" during our various sports practices. Your kindness and positive outlook on life never fails to inspire and amaze me. I'm so happy Bowdoin has you and hope you live your best life. Ily, uwu  Click to view image


Audrey Alix- Jilly!!! You are the greatest person ever. I will miss you so much as the pres of environmental club, girls outdoor, and a great friend! Next year, whether (or not) Ruby and I are girls outdoor presidents, I promise that we will do everything we can to keep your club alive. Thanks for being the best tent bud ever! Also, I couldn't thank you enough to allowing Ruby and I to help you with Girls outdoor club, it was so fun and exciting! Please come visit, feel free to crash any outings or camping trips. Thanks for being there to make me smile, comforting me whenever I have breakdowns on train platforms (LMAO), coming on awesome early morning hikes, and being the funnest person to hang around. Come to star and catch me on the bells!!!! I will miss you so so so so much. Don't forget about me :)


Vlada Taits

Vivienne Germain- Enjoy Canada! Love you!


Sofia Handzy- I'm going to miss you so much next year when you go to Canada!!! You will always be my favorite Russian :)) Volleyball won't be the same without you sitting next to me and doing libero tracking! Love you lots Vlada :)


Adaora Dadson- Good luck at UToronto! You're gonna do great things! Volleyball won't be the same without you :((


Keertana Talla

Hannah Asirvatham- I hope you do great at WashU next year! Have fun in college!


Tyler Newman- KEERTANA!! Hey girl, so you might be one of my favorite human beings. You inspire me every day, with all that you do. You never cease giving me loads of advice and just being there to talk. I'll miss hanging out with you in the library :(( Please come back and visit!


Maggie Sher- It was so nice to get to know you better this year! You've been such an awesome friend to Jilly. I'm sorry I forgot to order you a bonji bowl that one time. Also, I want to compliment you on your "incredible" artistic skills during orchestra with Jilly. Those drawings have deeply disturbed me. Good luck at WashU!!


Tanmayee Talla- Thank you for being a great sister! Have fun in college!


Sofia Tartaglia

Aya Mtume - hey tortuga. thanks for always being so nice and letting me come to your home and chill. i think we’re on the same brain waves. i’ll never stop putting two thumbs up whenever i see you. you have such a positive energy that i know will never go away. Emory won't know what hit them. ¡te quiero


Tara Balan - I’ve gotta say Sofia, we make a pretty awesome duo when it comes to trying to get Katherine riled up. Thanks for hearing out my goofy anecdotes about my “best friend”, and being someone I can always count on to talk to in the judiciary line :) Good luck at Emory!!


Mira Pantozzi - Sofia, I have had so much fun in physics class with you this year and I'm so glad we became friends. I literally always look forward to that class because of our table and we have shared so many fun memories over this year. I will miss you and the rest of tickle or be tickled SO much next year idk what I'll do. I hope you live life to the fullest like lemon mommy at Emory next year! (try not to get too many concussions ;P)


Stacey Espiritu - Sofia! Thank you for being you. You and I have been on a rollercoaster ride since the beginning yet somehow we have managed to make it through it all. You’ve always been there to lift me up and support me and all you’ve ever done is care for me. I’ve always known that I could count on you and hope that you know you can count on me too. We’ve had some weird times and some good laughs and I’m so thankful to have been able to have you be a part of my life. You know it all won’t be the same without you but I have no doubt in my mind that when you come back or when I pull up to visit that we’re gonna have a good time as always. Thank you for everything that you are. Love you forever!


Samara Grannum - Thanks for everything this year and being an amazing senior. I had so much fun hanging out with you and your friends and it definitely made me feel pretty cool to hang out with seniors. I will miss you so much next year and who knows who is going to be the best Zumba dancer next year.


Claire Bryant - You are my day one. I do not know what I am going to do with out you. Thanks for being the best.


Gabrielle Moore - I am gonna miss you so much!! Love you! 


Catherine Torres

CC Wolf - Good luck at Williams next year! I know you’ll have a great time but you’ll be missed❤️


Christiana Nwachuku - I'm eating Chopt so I feel obligated to write you a note letting you know that I'm EATING SALAD. Even though I literally never talked to you directly until track, I feel like talking to Pilar counts as indirectly talking to you since you=Pilar. Oh and last time I checked you were a freshmen that was rightfully apart of the freshmen squad during those rubber band workout things so I don't know why I'm writing you a note when you're obviously apart of the class of 2022. Thank you so so much for making track a good time and good luck at Williams! I don't know why you're doing field hockey when you are a literal triple jump god but have fun anyway!


Pilar Torres - you are cool :)) i will miss you, and you better miss me. please visit. also, don't get too stressed out, you will be fine. remember: confidence is key. much love, pilar


Gabie Vicens

Victoria Nouss - I am so happy that I did volleyball this year because I got to know and hang out with you! You are so fun and funny to be around :) I hope you have an amazing college experience! Please come and visit!!!


Charlotte McCann- Good luck next year in college! I know you will do great!


Amber White

Gabrielle Narcisse - Amber freaking White! You’re smile is contagious, you’re energy brightens me up, you’re humor is amazing, and you’re intelligence is beyond belief. I can’t wait to see you fence your way through college and see what you will do beyond. I have no doubt it will be amazing!


Grace Martin - thanks for all the fun times in chorale. i will miss you so much dog. good luck at U Penn.  -cat


Stacey Espiritu - Amber! BabY! You’ve straight up been my day one since forever. Whether you realized it or not, you were growing up with me. We were the best of friends in Middle School and look at us STILL thriving now. You are one of the most genuine people I know and I always have a good time when you’re around. Thanks for being my friend all this time. No matter how far you are, know that you’ll always have secured the spot as the first photo in my camera roll (seen below, circa 2015). Get ready for me to come visit at UPenn! Love you forever! :)) Click to view image


Allison Baun - thanks for all the fun times in chorale. I will never forget the time where you thought Gabby was weird for talking to freshman, but ended up driving us to get ice cream that night! love u dog, and I hope you have the greatest time at upenn :)


Miriam Shoman- Thank you for being such a great senior sister this year! Wishing you the best of luck at Penn!


Maddie Zietsman


Jessie Zietsman- Hi Mads! Congrats on graduating high school I'm so proud of you!! Can't wait to see you do big things at Wake!


Grace Zong


Tara Balan- The percussion section won’t be the same without you Grace! We can’t Libertango without you on the maracas, and I’ll have no one to encourage me when I forget my music and have to make it up on the spot. Good luck at NYU!!


Tyler Newman- Grace, what will I do without seeing your face at the Summit library? Thursday evenings at the study section won't be nearly as turnt. Thanks for those graphing calculator hacks the night before the SAT hahahah, you're a real g. <333



Maya Vuchic- Grace, thank you for being the best pianist! Playing Shaw with you this year was so fun, and without you it definitely would not have been the same. Best of luck in College! Maya



Emma Chan- Hi Grace!!! I just wanted to wish you all the best in college and beyond. Thank you for being the awesomest senior sister literally ever and being for me when I need you, from opening up a Redbubble to me crouching in the Line Friends store calling you. Ur so supportive and I know you're gonna do even greater things at NYU. I'm kinda sad I can't just take a trip down to the Tech hub to give you stuff anymore but I'll always be your BTS meme person and visit you whenever I can!!!! I love you so much! Click to view image



Phoebe Eccles - I’m so XCited that you ran with us this year and that we got to spend more time together! I had so much fun chasing down underclassmen with you guys in laser tag! We’ll miss you so much and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you will do!  Click to view image

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