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New Clubs at KPS

While 2020 brought change to practically everything, it also brought some new and exciting clubs and publications to KPS. I was lucky enough to be able to interview some of the founders of these new clubs and publications.

Chess Club:

Chess Club is a new club at Kent Place that was created by Liz Sorvino-Mancini. Liz wanted to create this club so she could give Kent Place students who have an interest or passion for chess a time and space to develop and improve their skills. During one of their meetings, Chess Club members had a mini tournament. Members who attend chess club gain skills and knowledge in chess and have the opportunity to create connections and friendships with other students. Chess Club meets once a month.

Current Talks:

Current Talks is a new group at Kent Place and was created by junior Nedd Kirsch. Nedd wanted to create a space for Upper School students at Kent Place to join together and meet each other through pressing discussions. Nedd remarked that, “[t]he year 2020 has been so hectic that it seemed fitting to create a group that is ready to talk whenever, wherever!” Members that attend Current Talks have the opportunity to express feelings and concerns regarding recent issues, as well as hopefully learning more facts and different opinions after every conversation. When asked about what Current Talks discussed at one of their meetings, Nedd explained that Current Talks had a collaboration with BCA to discuss how the Black community was affected by the 202o election. Nedd stated that there were discussions about, “voter suppression, election results, and many more race-related issues pertaining to the election.” Current Talks is a trial group and meets whenever there is a current event that the Kent Place community has a desire to discuss.

The Hearth (Project):

The Hearth (Project) is a new publication at Kent Place. It was created by Emma Chan, in collaboration with Active Minds leaders Kayla Drum and Sarah Brandstaedter. Active Minds is a club dedicated to removing the stigma around the discussion of mental health. Emma explained that the goal of the Hearth Project is to provide a space for Kent Place students to share their thoughts on mental health. In addition, Emma wanted to allow students to submit art and writing about mental health in the hope of removing the stigma around the discussion of mental health. Members gain the space to share their thoughts and feelings in a safe space (which can also be anonymous). The Hearth also fosters community and hosts updates and links from Active Minds, an example being during Mental Health Spirit Week. The Hearth (Project) is a part of Active Minds, so it does not meet as an independent publication. You can check out the website to The Hearth at and by using the password KP20!

Improv Club:

Improv Club is a new club at Kent Place. It was created by Veronica Melendi and Sekai Marques. It is currently a trial club and is awaiting a meeting day. Veronica and Sekai wanted to create Improv Club in order to create a safe space for students to express their love for theater, build trust with one another, make healthy connections with students from other grades, gain confidence, public speaking skills, and give members tools that will help them to react better in stressful situations. During the meetings, Veronica and Sekai wish to teach members all about the art of improvisation (including the “rules of improv”) and do fun improv exercises and games to further expand the skills. Veronica and Sekai wish to start meeting regularly for more students at Kent Place can gain a love for improv!

Lacrosse the Nations:

Lacrosse the Nations is a group created by junior Claire Bugliari. Claire wanted to start Lacrosse the Nations at Kent Place after she heard that it existed in many high schools and colleges around the country. Claire was able to meet with the CEO of the organization last year, who was grateful that Kent Place wanted to become involved. The CEO also helped Claire understand the real purpose of the program, which Claire stated was, “to use lacrosse to provide education, health, and joy to underserved youth around the world.” Claire believes that it is great that Kent Place students can now become a part of something that is so much bigger than Kent Place. During the meetings, members will plan different activities, the first one being a T-shirt sale to spread awareness and raise money. Members of the group will be able to gain leadership opportunities and will have many community service opportunities. Lacrosse the Nations meets during committees block and will most likely meet on a monthly basis.


MODE is a new publication at Kent Place. It was created by sophomores Jessica Park and Ella Schestag. MODE was created due to the fact that Jessica and Ella have a deep interest in fashion and wanted to create a fun, chill publication that would allow teenage girls to express their love for fashion. MODE leaders have an elaborate plan of how they wish to run their meetings.

  1. MODE leaders and members will brainstorm ideas for the winter, spring, or summer issue.

  2. Members will choose which department they want to be in for the day (photography editors, story/columns, or social media).

  3. In these departments, students will brainstorm ideas for that issue more specifically and work on any assignments.

  4. MODE members will regroup to discuss what was accomplished during the meeting.

Members of MODE will learn about time management and how to think creatively. Jessica described that although the publication requires extra work outside of the meetings, it is also super fun because of its many sides and that members can write about anything that relates to fashion, create a quiz, or take pictures of students/faculty in outfits. MODE is currently a trial publication, but it wishes to start meeting on publication days.


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