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5/17/22 Announcements

A Week

Mrs. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: Here

Mrs. Hager

Moment of silence for the 10 lives lost in the Buffalo shooting. Please take some time to stay informed about the event and any upcoming happenings.

Jewish Heritage Month

Gabby Liberman spoke about how her Jewish congregation has provided a loving community that loves and supports all people, especially those who may be viewed as strangers.

Ms. Warren and Ms. Naggar spoke about the progress towards the acceptance of Judaism in the United States and Kent Place since Jewish people make up only about 2% of the global population yet their ethno-religion has been around for over 3500 years old. For information on the creation of Jewish Heritage month check out this article. You can also learn some about a bunch of RBG’s Jewish role models by looking at the papers taped up around the school.


Happy Celebrate Neurodiversity Day! We will be having a panel at 10:30am in the Great Room to answer some of your questions. There are trivia questions posted around the school and the winner will receive a Dunkin gift card so make sure to fill those out. Thank you all for wearing your colors!

Athletics Association

Powderpuff is Tuesday, May 24th at 2:30pm! The sign up sheets will be sent out at 2:30pm today for each grade. There are 12 players on each team and a coach who will all get T-shirts. Dress up in your grade’s color on that day to support. Freshmen are orange, sophomores are green, juniors are blue, and seniors are black. If you are a faculty member who wants to ref, please let Pilar or Caitlin know!


APICA Night is on Friday in the great room at 6:30pm! Please be sure to fill out the interest form so we can see how many to expect. Get excited!

Zoom Pal Program

Kent Place's first ever international-virtual pen pal program had a very successful first year! I want to give a special thanks to the Spanish Teachers that helped me bring my idea to life and carried out the ZoomPal Program. Here are some pictures of the students. Thank you to all of you for your continued participation and passion for learning the Spanish language. ~Karla P.

Lit Loose

The winner of the first Lit Loose Competition is the Thomas Advisory with 156 books! Congratulations!

Arts Festival

Zine Fest will be a table at the Arts Festival. Look out for an email from me with examples and templates. Please submit your zine to be, digitally or by hand, by 3:30 pm this Friday, 5/20/22, if you would like me to help reproduce and/ or fold. HERE ARE SOME RESOURCES TO GET YOU STARTED!

Ally Longo

This week and next week I will be organizing a collection of used or new soccer equipment.This includes cleats, socks, shin guards, and soccer balls (any size). All of the items collected will be donated to Peace Passers. Peace Passers is an organization that donates used soccer equipment to teams, sports ministries, etc. in the US and around the world who can’t afford the equipment to support their teams so, with this equipment, they would have an opportunity to play. Look out for a collection bin in the tiled area. Please donate any old soccer stuff that you have!!! (If you don't have any soccer equipment but still want to support, you can make a monetary donation! Look out for flyers with QR codes around the school to donate money!)


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