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3/23/21 Announcements

Mr. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: here

Online Clubs - Meetings/Links/Schedules: here

Ms. Hager

Welcome back to the 3rd and final trimester! Seniors you're almost done, so hang in there! Shout out to the 11th graders for reaching a huge milestone at KP… completing their CHPs! Also, great job to 9th and 10th graders for their ability to adapt and persist during this challenging time.

Thank you APICA for holding a space yesterday to address the recent shooting of Asian women in Atlanta and the presence of rising racism against the AAPI community since the start of the pandemic and before.

Mrs. Murphy

We want everyone back at school as long as you feel safe. With the warmer weather we will start eating outside again. Make sure to fill out the in-person or virtual decision form with your parents. Testing is mandatory if you want to be in-person on Monday; pick up/ drop off (can be done in one trip) is all day tomorrow and Thursday morning. Morning meetings, advisory, and class meetings are all mandatory so make sure to attend.

Dr. Barovero

9-11 graders will receive an email from Ms. Pfeifer with approved courses for next year. Feel free to meet with your advisors if there are any issues with the approved courses. All students are expected to make room for at least one free letter block to accommodate time for a de-stressing and socialization period. Finalized courses are due back on April 7th.


FACTS night is this Friday! We hope to see everyone there as it will be a space for meaningful discussion on a variety of topics.

Sadie Zeiner-Morrish

Hi everyone, in light of the violence inflicted on the AAPI community in the last year and the recent events in Atlanta, my nonprofit Sadie's Sweets will be donating all proceeds this spring to the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund and Asian Americans Advancing Justice. You can also find resources linked on my website here. Thank you for your support.

Spanish National Honors Society

We raised $625 with the Pulsera Project! Thank you to everyone who bought a pulsera!


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