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Are Masks the New KPS Fashion Trend?

Disclaimer: Safety is the main priority! This article is in no way shape or form trying to debunk or distract anyone from the obvious safety precautions that masks serve, and the fact that wearing a mask on school grounds is required and important!

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, everyone who enters an indoor space at Kent Place must wear a mask. That way, students and faculty can continue to be healthy, and Kent Place can offer in-person school. However, this also means that KPS students have to wear a mask for about 6 hours and 20 minutes each school day! (Although, there are various times to go outside and have mask breaks such as lunch.)

Some people have preferences on the different masks they wear. While comfort is the main concern for the majority of students, others have began to think of these masks as a “fashion statement.” Some try to match the color of their mask with their clothes, while others try to portray messages of hope or activism.

Kent Place sophomore, Alexandra G., believes that masks can indeed be a fashion statement, however, “comfort and safety are my main concerns.”

When I asked another Kent Place student why comfort was one of the most important qualities, she explained that having a cozy mask helps her to concentrate more during academics and athletics.

A large percentage of the students at Kent Place wear reusable masks. Reusable masks are ones you can wash and wear multiple times. These masks are generally made from a cloth-like material. KPS also issued seven reusable masks to each student at the beginning of the school year. Many students enjoy wearing these masks because they can help the environment and “show school spirit.”

However, other students have a different perspective on this idea. Sophomore Serena Z. explains that wearing a mask, “is like wearing a helmet when biking; as long as you’re wearing it, it doesn’t matter what color it is.”

Undoubtedly, the effectiveness of wearing a mask is the most important factor. The Kent Place community wants to make sure that everyone is safe by stopping the spreading of germs. Comfort is also a very important factor because it helps students to focus during school; who wants to have to adjust their mask all day during class? Albeit the idea of masks providing a “fashion statement” may be the last priority, it can still be fun for students, whether they be in primary school or upper school. And why not have some fun while protecting yourself and others?

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