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MM Announcements 9/5/19

Community Service Committee

The Community Service Committee is proud to present a new edition to the US community: The Community Service Cart! This cart is accessible to any Upper Schooler or faculty member who is looking for a relaxing activity and a way to get more community service hours. Throughout the year, the cart will have different activities in it (e.g. ColorASmile pages, friendship bracelet making, gratitude letters, etc.) and you are free to do any of these activities during a free block, when you are feeling stressed, etc. The cart will be next to the printer in the Great Room and a second one may be coming later in the year! Thank you!


Starboard has a lot of new stuff... including a page full of advice for 9th graders!! All of the advice was written by 10th, 11th, and 12th graders in our community.

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