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Students Speak on Spirit Week

Every year, during the week of Halloween, the Kent Place Upper School participates in Spirit Week. This year, Spirit Week lasted from Wednesday (10/31) to Friday (11/2). Wednesday’s theme was Halloween, Thursday’s was patterns and Friday’s was TV channels. Each grade gets a different sub-theme for every day and competes for Spirit Points by dressing up, winning challenges, and decorating their lounge.

“My favorite thing about Spirit Week is all of the competitions we do. I think they really bring our grade together.” -- Eliza Lox ‘21

Wednesday: Halloween

“I think that Spirit Week brings the Upper School closer together because it allows us to just relax for a second, dress up, and do fun things. That laid-back environment is able to aid in making new relationships.” -- Claire Bryant ‘21

Thursday: Clothing Patterns

“When people didn’t have anything to wear of that theme, they were forced to branch out and ask others for help. Some people brought in clothing or accessories to even people they didn't talk to. Spirit Week kind of got everyone to talk to each other a little in a way they didn’t before.”

-- Julie Fischer ‘22

Friday: TV Channels

Spirit Week is definitely an awesome and fun tradition at Kent Place. Though many schools have Spirit Weeks, Kent Place’s take on the event is very unique. Everybody in the grade joins together, and it is definitely a great bonding experience that aids in forming new friendships and becoming closer together as a grade and school.

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