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Monday, 10/29/18 (B Week)


Thank you to all who performed at or attended the Cabaret on Friday! It was a huge success—our singers sounded amazing and we raised over $5000! Thank you especially to Ms. Thomas and Ms. Lenti for organizing and planning the event!

Student Affairs

Just a reminder to sign up for the activities for your grade!! They are on the bulletin board in each lounge. I also made a mistake and wrote Guess that Tune, but the activity is actually Guess that Theme Song. Get excited for Wednesday!!!

Tyler Newman

Hi, my name is Tyler Newman and I'm the founder of Afro Puff Chronicles. is a blog for girls of color to share their stories, advice and most importantly build community. We are currently recruiting blog staff members! Possible staff roles include PR management, running the Instagram as well as writing and creating content. I'll be sending an email out with a link to the blog later today for those that want to learn more. Shoot me an email if you're interested in a staff role, thank you!

Field Hockey

Field hockey’s senior day is against Pingry on Monday 4pm!

Math Club

Math Club held a competition during club fair, and the winners are Sydney Pence and Hannah Asirvatham. Come see Sarah or Nicki to receive your free bagel!


Varsity soccer has their first round of states on Tuesday the 30th at 2pm! It is home, so if you are free or looking for something fun to do, come down and support!!

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