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2/4/21 Announcements

Mr. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: here

Online Clubs - Meetings/Links/Schedules: here

Dr. Barovero

AP exams will be optional this year. The AP designation will be on your transcript whether you take the exam or not. We encourage you to take the exam but it is a decision for you and your family.

Mrs. Murphy

Remember to pick up your test kits today, register them, and deliver them tomorrow by 9:45am. There will be class elections during the committee block tomorrow.

Senate – Social Media Policy

Senate has been working to clarify the use of social media within the Upper School. We took all the information written in the Handbook, and boiled it down to the key four things you should consider when using social media.

First, and most importantly, if you are unsure about posting something, we recommend that you don’t post it!

Next, you can’t use any Kent Place device, account, or the Kent Place wifi, to engage in inappropriate or illegal activity. This includes bullying people based on their race, age, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, national origin, or disability, plagiarizing, and sending and receiving explicit content.

Use good judgement when posting on social media! Don’t post content containing offensive remarks, extremely vulgar language, confidential information, or anything that would poorly represent Kent Place. We would like to note that this doesn’t include commenting on Kent Place, like the @blackatkps Instagram account, but rather includes slandering Kent Place or doing actions, on campus or off campus, that misrepresent Kent Place’s mission.

If you feel a student is using social media in a way that violates these policies, you can report your concerns to Mrs. Murphy. There are no specific requirements for reporting information, and each report will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In Senate’s social media document, there is a script that you can copy and paste into an email if you would like to report something!

So, before posting, consider: could this post hurt someone? Does it poorly represent me or Kent Place? Does it invade someone else’s privacy? This document containing all of this information will be sent out in an email, and is on the Senate topics page! Happy posting!

Poetry Out Loud

Katie Markley - Kent Place Poetry Out Loud Winner will recite one of the poems she recited during our competition: “I Am!” by John Clare!

Ms. Gordon

Thank you to everyone who made Bridges lunches! We exceeded our goal. And thanks to Mr. Morey and the other brave souls who joined me on the run on an exceptionally cold night: Eliza Lox, Cece Reali, Margo D'Angelo, Olivia Santoro, and Nina Choi. Last, the Bridges Coordinators Eliza Lox and Natasha Wan were instrumental in inspiring lunch-making, getting everything organized, and bringing the lunches to Bridges HQ. In first place for bringing in the most lunches and gaining spirit points are the seniors, second place are the junior, third place are the sophomores, and last place are the freshmen.


BCA Black History Month Announcement! Please come to the virtual BCA forum tomorrow from 6pm-8pm! Christiana will be talking a little bit about her identity, existing in white spaces, and how she celebrates BHM.

Mr. Walz

The library will be used for some Middle School classes over the next week and a half. During those blocks, Upper School students are welcome to use the library but should sit in the areas closest to the entry doors. A schedule of classes will be posted on the door each day. Thanks for your cooperation.


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