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2/20/24 Announcements

Ms. Murphy’s Weekly Announcements: here

Ms. Murphy, Dr. Hanna, Ms. Justice

Ms. Murphy, Dr. Hanna, and Ms. Justice spoke about the importance of kindness in our community and reminded the student body of the need to maintain kindness and respect in our conversations. There are also some upcoming forums and workshops about Kent Place conversation norms, humanizing social media, and more planned. 

Ms. Justice

There will be three new affinity groups introduced to the Upper School Community based on student interest: East Asian affinity group, South Asian affinity group, and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) affinity group. These three will join the affinity group rotation starting this Friday.

Ms. Murphy

We need chaperones for the upcoming Blizzard Ball, so please ask your parents to consider volunteering.

Additionally, a reminder that if you are in the building after 5:45pm, you must be in the lobby area to ensure safety. If you arrive at school before 7:30am, you will be able to get through the first set of doors but will not be able to go past the lobby until 7:30.

DEIB Task Force

DEIB Task Force members Aadya B. ‘24 and Maya H. ‘26 showed a video about the DEIB Word of the Month: Leadership. The video can be found here.


We will be having a Kaleidoscopes breakfast meeting with Primary School students and parents on Feb 21 from 7:30-8:15 in the dining hall. Please join if you are a current mentor or are interested in becoming one!

She Kills Monsters Cast

Friday tickets for She Kills Monsters are officially sold out, but you can still grab tickets for the Saturday show! Come out to support your talented and hardworking theater friends.


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