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2/2/24 Announcements

Ms. Murphy’s Weekly Announcements: here

Nurse Evans

Nurse Evans spoke about the significance of NHA Wear Red day and gave advice to improve heart health.

CS Committee, Athletics Committee, and Student Affairs Community

The three committee leaders announced the launch of a few different Super Bowl-related community activities! 

First, there will be a food drive from Monday, Feb 5th, to Tuesday Feb 20th. Canned foods (including soup) and cereal of any kind will be accepted for this drive. The donations will be given to the Covenant House, a shelter for homeless youth. There are 3 cardboard bins near the sign-in machines in the CFI--one for the Chiefs, one for the 49ers, and one for Taylor Swift. Put your donations into the bin of the team that you’re supporting, and the one with the most donations at the end of the drive wins the KPS Souper Bowl – which we will announce after the drive ends.

Also, Athletics Association is holding a Super Bowl Squares competition! There are posters in the Great Room where you can sign your name in a box for the chance to win a prize. Put your name in a box and if your square is the one that corresponds with the score at the end of a quarter you get a gift card! There will be multiple winners at the end of each quarter. This is open to faculty and students!

Lastly, Friday, Feb 9 will be a Jersey Day! You can wear a jersey for any team you support.

Ms. Murphy

Please remember that if you are in school after 5:30, you need to be in the CFI lobby so that security and cleaning staff are able to do their jobs effectively.

Social Committee

We’ll be setting up for the Blizzard Ball on March 1 from 2:30-4pm, and we would love to have student volunteers come help! You will be able to get Community Service hours for doing so. Also, this year we will be releasing a google form for students to register their Blizzard Ball dates.

Lodestar Ethics Journal

Lodestar (KPS's inaugural Ethics Journal) is calling for submissions! We are looking for scholarly articles and art pieces relating to/commenting on ethics. All submissions will be anonymously reviewed to determine eligibility for the journal. Please review this document to see the requirements, the process of submission, and some suggested questions/topics to consider. The deadline for submission is March 1st to Feel free to reach out to Naina, Maddie, or Dr. Rezach if you have any questions and we hope you consider sending in a submission!

Black History Month Committee

The BHM Faculty Committee introduced themselves and explained some of the Black History Month events and initiatives they are planning. Stay tuned for more!

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