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10/22/21 Announcements

A Week

Mrs. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: Here

Mrs. Murphy

The new sign in machines will be coming for Monday. They will not be permanently fixed on the wall until we decide which placement is the best for traffic flow. Students are expected to sign in by scanning the small barcode on the back of their photo ID cards.

Ms. Hager

We are trying to extend lunch to a 40 minute period in light of the congestion in the Dining Hall. This will take time since we have to rearrange the schedule but cannot be in school for Ms. Pfeiffer to update the system. Secondly, the ottomans in the lounges are temporary; the tables will be here soon and the ottomans will then be moved. Thank you for your patience.

Dr. Barovero and Mr. Walz

AP tests will be optional for seniors this year. If a senior chooses to opt-out they must email Mr. Walz by November 15th or else they will have to pay a fee to the college board for late cancellation. For any other student not signed up for an AP whole would like to take the AP test, email Mr. Walz by November 15th or there will be a late sign up fee. Please include a relevant subject (e.g. AP opt-out) in the subject line.


Improper usage of technology during class will be punishable by a major. This includes texting, surfing the internet, or doing anything not related to the class (even checking your email).

Junior State of America

Junior State of America’s Fall State convention is being held in November! You can go to either the November 6-7th convention which will be two days virtual or the 13-14th convention will be a one day hybrid and one day virtual. The keynote speaker will be Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston, Texas. Fall State is filled with a ton of fun debate and activity blocks where you can meet people from all over the Mid-Atlantic region and debate anything from your favorite book or pressing current events issues. If you are at all interested in attending the event please fill out the interest form we send out so that we can let you know what you need to do to sign up.

Trailblazer Day

Trailblazer Day is going to be next Tuesday, October 28th. Everyone needs to hand in their permission slips ASAP. For more information on hiking trails and other trip details check out this slideshow.

Lit Loose

Hello everyone. To give you a refresh of the rules for the reading competition, I will be making a document in the folder listing all of the rules. I also want to make it very clear that only books completed since September 9th 2021 can be logged.


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