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We love the class of 2018!  Senior Internet Sendoff (SIS) Notes are messages that freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and faculty can send to seniors to bid them farewell as they graduate and move on to the next step of their lives.  


This page has notes for groups of seniors.  To search for yourself on this page, type Ctrl+F to search your first name. 


To find notes for individual seniors with last names A-M, click here. To find notes for individual seniors with last names N-Z, click here.  Click here to return to the SIS Notes homepage.

From: Grace M.

To: Emma V. and Alex M.

Sending good luck from Mike and I. Mike was not involved in the creation of this note but I know he would've wanted it to be this way. Good luck and be sure to visit after we take states next year :) thank you captains

From: Gabrielle N.

To: Ayanna B., Evelyn M., Yean Heo 

Ayanna, thank you for gassing me in the hallways for the past three years from my outfits to my hair. Thank you for dancing with me, hugging me, and along with Yves, making pep squad amazing. Evelyn, thank you for constantly supporting me and making me feel better about myself. I will miss your humor and your energy. And finally Yawn. Thank you for learning with me that great roasting power comes with great responsibility. Keep scheming.

From: Vivienne G., Tarika B., Gabby A., Lucy F. 

To: Sophia S., Emily P., Neha B. 

Emily, Neha, and Sophia -- Thank you for all of your awesome work as EICs of Starboard! It grew so much this year (Ballast Online lol) and we hope to continue your legacy by helping Starboard grow even more. Thank you for being such great mentors to us and always supporting our ideas. All three of you will be missed, especially by us. Sincerely, the Junior Editors

From: Sam Endlich and Erin DuCharme (the new JSA presidents)

To: Morgan Moran and Olivia Zeiner-Morrish

Thank for being great JSA presidents, but you have been replaced XOXO Sam and Erin

From: Kiana M.

To: Alex M. and Sofi F.  

Hey guys! I'm only just realizing that you guys aren't going to be in Perf Co next year. Your influence in the Company is bigger than you might think. I personally have looked up to both of you since the first day of class. I'll never forget our fearless leaders that stuck by us through hard times. We also made some wonderful memories together. What are we going to do without our captain? Without our MM leader? You guys are such awesome role models, and I want to tell you that I am so proud of both of you and that you're going to amazing colleges that you totally deserved to get into. I look forward to seeing you at our shows next year. If you need anything at all, Perf Co will be here for you!

From: Ms. Mulry

To: Abby J., Anjolie C., Riley K., Grace M., Laura M., Katherime V., Mary W., Stewart H., Sarah B., Atinuke L., Morgan M., Emily P., Sophia S.

It has been such a joy to have you in class this year. I will miss you next year - be sure to come back and visit and let me know how you are doing!

From: Ms. Cohen

To: Short Story Spring 2018

Samples of Stories to Take With You:

"'It isn't fair, it isn't right,' Mrs. Hutchinson screamed, and then they were upon her.";

"They all know it is there, all the people of Omelas."

" ' "Should there be a statute of limitations on genocide?" with a wine-and-cheese reception--.' "

"'It's really something,' I said."

"[...] friends would line the banks of the Lucinda River."

"I hope."

From: Dr. MacCornack

To: Katherine V., Laura M., Emma V., Anjolie C., Jacqueline P.

C'est votre dernière année à KPS! Vous parlez toutes bien français. J'espère que vous continuerez à étudier et apprécier la langue. Merci de vos commentaires, vos questions, et votre enthousiasme en Fr AP! Bonne continuation!

From: Grace H.

To: JSA Seniors - Emma K., Olivia Z-M., Morgan M., Sophie H.

JSA baes, I'll miss you guys next year! Thank you for making the club so much fun this year and I wish you all the best of luck in college.

From: Alex P.

To: Emily P., Neha B., Sophia S.

You guys have done an amazing job leading Starboard this year! Thank you for helping me get the hang of creating content and for trusting me with other responsibilities - it means a lot. I really appreciate how supportive you have been of all of my ideas no matter what. Good luck next year, I'll miss you! -Alex

From: Mr. Maset

To: Jana B., Chloe E., Deanna H., Yean H., Alexa K., Liza M., Izzy P., Katherine V., Olivia Z-M.


To my Advisory,

Thank you for being such an amazing advisory! It seems like only yesterday that we first met each other four years and now you are all graduating and moving onto the next phase of your life. I wish you nothing but the best in all of your future endeavors; please keep in touch!

From: Ava Z. and Maggie S.

To: Megan T., Olivia Z-M., and Emma K.

We're going to miss you so much! We know you will do amazing things in college! You guys are such good role models and we look up to you so much. Ethics Bowl and JSA won't be the same without you!

From: Dr. Shah

To: Neha Bhardwaj, Sarah Bonnet, Sophie Huttner, Claire Pisano, Toni Ann Iuzzolino, Alex McMullen, Atinuke Lardner, Laura MIlls

It's been one of the greatest honors of my life to have been your advisor these past years. The administration did me a solid when they put our names together; or maybe, some good stored up karma must have come my way because our time together has been a blessing.


I have treasured every moment, from building spaghetti structures and the successful egg drop to the silly and deeply meaningful conversations we have had over our highly processed carbohydrate weekly treats!!!!


I'm quite confident that I did not "advise" you in any way over these years. You grew yourself up. I still don't know how many art credits you need to graduate, but you must have gotten them all because we will have our last advisory gathering on june 3, 2018.


You will always be my first and forever advisory love.

From: Ms. Chaffee-Cohen

To: Chaffee-Cohen Advisory

Tori, Anna, Chloe, Aneela, Ayana, Libby, Matilda, and Emma: I have enjoyed our time together over the last fours years and getting to know each of your unique talents, goals, and experiences. From advisory lunches to engineering week challenges you always found ways to bring the group together and put our own spin on things. You'll be missed next year, but I'm excited to see where your next steps take you! -Ms. Chaffee-Cohen

From: Janeyce M. and Sophie S.

To: Rose C., Claire P., Katherine V.

To our golf seniors, we are so sad to see you go and the last two years with you have been amazing. We truly can’t imagine practices or just being on the team without you. We will miss you much next year.

From: Stacey E.

To: Matilda R. and Giana E.


MY GIRLS. I genuinely love both of you so much. You've taught me how to live my best life and have shown me such a good time. I'm gonna miss all our schemes together. Giana, thank you for always protecting me and giving me life advice that I'm gonna keep with me forever. I'll never forget our deep convo while eating eggs at 4am. Matild, thank you for always being so welcoming to me and never failing to give me a good laugh. You're a wild one and I wouldn't have survived Stat without you. You're both gonna have the time of your lives at college. Ithaca and Syracuse got nothin on you ;) Don't forget to link with me from time to time. Miss you :):

From: Aya M.

To: Atinuke L. and Anjolie C.


thank you both for making this year extremely memorable. this year you guys were always there for me and i felt like i could always come to you with any of my problems. Anjolie, thanks for giving me random hugs and kisses in the hallway just because and always making me feel like somebody. Atti, thanks for giving some great advice and bringing me food, without you i'd be hungry :)). i love you both and i know you'll thrive in college bc that's what you do.

From: Stacey E.

To: Yves M. and Ayanna B.

Yves. Ayanna. My two favorite moms. My fearless Pep Squad Queens. My inspirations. Love you. Since the first day we started practicing for Pep Squad, I knew you two were gonna make this year worthwhile. Yves, just seeing you makes my day a little bit better. You’re able to make everyone around you feel joy and I just want to learn your ways. Ayanna, don’t think I’m gonna forget us sitting in the senior lounge after school trying to do our homework without distracting each other. Hearing that “It is now 5:30 school is closed” announcement will never sound the same without you. Thank you both for being great friends and leaders. American and Spelman got some good ones. Gonna miss you :)

From: Stacey E.

To: Mamie Z. and Sofi F.

Mames! Sof! Love you. You both are a couple of the coolest gals I know. I’m for sure gonna miss hearing “Hey Stace” in the hallways from each of you next year. You both are psycho. You know how to make everyone laugh and can always make the whole room smile. You bring such positive vibes and I can only hope that I can someday do the same. Thanks for all the good times and the fun memories. You both have made this year one to remember and I’m for sure expecting you both to come back and visit me. See ya soon buds :)

From: Stacey E.

To: Anjolie C. and Toni Ann I.

Anjolie! Toni Ann! Love you both. Anjolie, your hugs n kisses in the hallway always make my day better and I don’t know what I’m going to do without them next year. You always make me smile. Toni Ann, I’m so glad that I’ve had the chance to get to know you and become friends with you this year. Now I won’t have anyone to bond with over the fact that Yean is the woat. :// I’m so grateful for the both of you and want you to know that I’m gonna miss you a lot next year, but I fully expect a visit sometime. See you soon :)

From: Gabrielle N.

To: Yves Millien, Lucy Lynch, Aneela Kanhai, Sophie Huttner 

Hello Montclair Bus family. Thank you for being my first friends at KPS. I will never forget how I walked on the bus and you all smiled and introduced yourselves to me. Sophie proceeded to tell a tale about her "friend" who repeatedly ranaway from home and stole Sophie's credit card. From random women coming on and then escaping from our bus, to car accidents, to our bus driver not knowing how to get to school, and arriving one hour late, to middle schoolers making musical.y videos the ENTIRE ride, to the smell of urine, we've been through it all. I'm sad it's over. #longlivethemontclairbus

From: Gabby A.

To: Olivia Z-M, Emma K., Morgan M., Megan T.  

To some JSbaes (minus Megan) who I have greatly enjoyed going to conferences with over these years. You are all #1 in my heart. Keep up those debating skills in college! And to Megan: DRAKE AND JOSH. I will miss you guys so much next year but I know that you all will thrive in college.

From: Gabby A.

To: Eva N. and Sarah B.

Congrats on graduating!! Eva- I very much appreciate our playa bowl adventures and hope to have many more when I visit you at Vanderbilt. Sarah- thank you for your advice and for being awesome. You both have made my experience at KP so special and I will miss you so much. I can't wait to see what you will do next year.

From: Ms. Lee

To: Lee Advisory (Stewart H., Morgan M., Filipa C., Emily P., Jacqueline P., Kate R., Naomi M., Rose C.., Grace M.)

Dear FamiLee,

I am so thankful to have been your advisor throughout your upper school years. I'm still reeling at how quickly the time has gone. Each of you has grown tremendously since your freshman year--and I am so very proud of you all. As you close this year out and welcome a new chapter, I hope that you look back on these four years together with fondness and gratitude; I know I will. I was blessed with the best group of advisees one could ever hope for, and Lily and Abe are lucky to have so many cool aunties in their lives. Have a wonderful summer, and as always, stay excellent.

Love, Ms. Lee

p.s. the video summarizes it all

From: Ms. Mulry

To: Tori B., Adya K., Ayana L., Megan S., Mamie Z., Evelyn M., Donna B., Piper E., Chloe G., Charlotte H., Alex M., Sophia R., Megan T.  

It has been such a joy to have you in class this year! You will be missed. Please come back next year and let me know how you are doing.

From: Ariel L.

To: Ayana L., Riley K. 

My favorite trumpet players! Thanks for the best year in Orchestra because I don't think I could have survived it without you! I know we killed our trumpet tune, and I think that you should come back next year for a reunion of the best trumpet section ever. Or maybe we can start our own band. I'm gonna miss seeing you every Tuesday and Thursday! Love you guys!!!

From: Ms. Cohen

To: Jana B., Elyse D., Yean H., Angela M., Liza M., and Claire P.

Thank you for making up the whole of my English 12 teaching this year-- from the "Flood tide below me!" to "No Ideas but in Things" to bagels to gentrification to Lily Bart to Merry Levov to Lindbergh to Sherman McCoy to the pools of Westchester County to Zenobia-- you have created a beautiful thread of ideas about literature and life since I first met you in 9th grade. I wish you joy and lots of good stories and books.

From: Dr. MacCornack

To: Marina R., Yves M., Elyse D., Filipa C., Aneela K.

Bonne continuation à l'université! Vous étiez un petit groupe extraordinaire en Français! Quelle bonne classe! N'oubliez pas notre classe de Français I! Vous me manquerez!

From: Coach MacCornack

To: Winona W., Matilda R., Stewart H., Alex M., Yean H.

Thank you for four great years playing squash. Take your games to college! Keep playing! Good luck, have fun, and remember happy feet!

From: Coach MacCornack

To: Rose C., Katherine V., Claire P​

What great examples you three were this year for our team. The players all looked up to you so much! We could not have hoped for better captains! I hope that you will keep playing and I thank you for four great years of golf! See you on the links!

From: Alex P.

To: Sanjana B., Lucy L., Kate R.

Thank you guys for inspiring the Fencing team! I really appreciate how you took the time to help me improve my skills and make sure that all of the freshman got the hang of being on the team. You did an awesome job mentoring us, and I wish you all good luck next year! -Alex

From: Ms. Cheetham and Ms. Hyatt

To: Elyse D., Katherine V., Toni Ann I.

Thank you for a terrific year as Green Key Presidents. From the opening training in the brand new CFI, to IDOG and open houses, to assigning tours for prospective parents, students, faculty candidates, administrator candidates and special guests, to sharing on panels, to many, many Snapchats sharing student life, to Lifer tours and mentoring, to the most successful Revisit Day ever - thank you for being our partners this year!

From: Mr. Maset

To: Tori B., Angela M., Grace M., Charlotte H., Evelyn M., Claire P.


From the Black Line to the Green Line, the Blue Line to the OG Line and Eve-line, NUTS and the Russian, from covering the points and shooting the gap, to randomly (and sketchily) acquired mouthpieces and cultural appropriations like Kali Ma Shakti de, and through WAR and Dance-offs, thank you for giving me your best each and everyday and know I will always cherish our time and accomplishments together. I enjoyed every second of it and did my best to make sure you did to. Good luck in college, and know you ALL will always be welcomed back, warmly.

From: Sofia K.

To: Megan T., Olivia Z-M, Sophie H., Neha B.

I think the Ethics Bowl team is also doing another SIS note, but I just wanted to thank you guys for a really amazing year. I learned a lot from you guys and practicing/competing with you guys (whether in the Ethics Conference Room with all the rats or in North Carolina) and I also just had a lot of fun. As possibly the only senior next year, I hope to just be half as good a competitor as you guys were and continue making Dr. Rezach and her mom proud. Have fun in college!!!

From: Priya G. and Maddie C. 

To: Emma V. and Matilda R. 

thanks for helping us get through lacrosse even though we got yelled at a lot and thanks for saving us that time w/ the starbucks :)) we'll miss the rides and the weird conversations on the sidelines but we'll miss ginger fox most of all <3 lots of love, raccoon and prig

From: Priya G. and Maddie C. 

To: Emma V. and Matilda R. 

thanks for helping us get through lacrosse even though we got yelled at a lot and thanks for saving us that time w/ the starbucks :)) we'll miss the rides and the weird conversations on the sidelines but we'll miss ginger fox most of all <3 lots of love, raccoon and prig

From: Priya G. and Maddie C. 

To: Emma V. and Matilda R. 

thanks for helping us get through lacrosse even though we got yelled at a lot and thanks for saving us that time w/ the starbucks :)) we'll miss the rides and the weird conversations on the sidelines but we'll miss ginger fox most of all <3 lots of love, raccoon and prig

From: The Ethics Bowl Team

To: Megan T. , Sophie H., Olivia Z-M, Neha B.

Megan, Sophie, Olivia, Neha,


This year has been crazy! From visits from mice, to bad sandwiches (and no vegetarian options), and helpful policemen, we have gone through a lot together. We will always remember the laughs, the tangents, and sushi lunches around the conference room table. Our win at nationals could not have been achieved without each and every one of you. You each had your own SPECIAL qualities. We will try our best to carry on the legacy that you have left behind!

Sending you lots of love and well-wishes on your journey ahead,

The Ethics Bowl Team


P.S. We expect you to come back with ethical value tattoos

From: Stacey E.

To: Erin C., Abby J., Rebecca D. 

I love you three. You've changed me in different ways and I'm forever grateful. Erin, thanks for being like my older sister, driving me to Starbucks, and eating ZRolls with me. Gonna miss my #1 handholder. There's always gonna be an empty spot in our hearts when Jump comes on. Abby, you've been a ray of sunshine since day 1. Thanks for always protecting me, making me laugh, and being my friend. You always know what to say and there's no one that could replace you in my heart. Rebecca, you are literally the person I aspire to become. You show me how to have a good time while living your best life. :) Cw to see you all ballin at college. Better not forget me ;)

From: Aya M.

To: Ayanna B. and Yves M.


PEP SQUADD!! i've wanted to be on pep squad since i first saw them in kindergarten. y'all helped me achieve my life-long dream at kp to become a member of pep squad and be able to perform like the big kids i saw every year, waiting to be able to join. Not only are you two incredible people, but i found sanctity in being able to talk to both of you, in and out of pep squad. you've both been INCREDIBLE leaders and i'm happy to say that i've met you. Spelman and American don't know what's gonna hit them. love you both <3

From: Stacey E.

To: Alex M. and Stewart H.


ALEX! STEWART! I LOVE YOU! I’m so glad that we became bffs this year. I’ve always thought you two were the cooliest. I’ll never forget the time Stewart @ me and Alex on an insta post before we were friends. shook. I soon walked up to Alex and asked if we could be buds and the rest is history. Thank you both for being friends that I can always count on to put a smile on my face. You make me feel cool. I appreciate all the love you’ve given me and I can only hope I’ve made you feel the love too. I’m gonna miss you both a whole lot next year. Michigan and Cali have never seemed so far away. Love you! :)

From: Stacey E.

To: Mary W. and Piper E.

Hey Mar! Hey Pipes! Love you! My field hockey gals. Pipes, thanks for always being the greatest friend along with the greatest Cargoes senior editor (Copy FTW). Mary, I will forever remember and cherish the two years we spent together suffering (but also having the time of our lives) behind the goal. It’ll never be the same without you. Thank you both for everything you have done for me and taught me throughout our time together. I appreciate you and wanted to let you know that I’m gonna miss you lots next year. Don’t forget about me!

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