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5/18/21 Announcements

Mr. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: here

Online Clubs - Meetings/Links/Schedules: here

Mrs. Murphy

You may not park against the side walls. If parking is filled up, talk to campus security and they will direct you to a spot.

Mr. Walz

If you are planning to take a digital AP exam you must download and install the AP Digital Exam app. In addition, you must set up each individual exam in the app 1-3 days prior to the exam date. Attempting to complete these steps on exam day may put your ability to take the test at risk.

Ms. Henry and the DEI Office

The Upper School Student DEI Task Force has been established. I would like to introduce the KPS student leaders who have already started working with Delbarton School Upper School students and they are Luna Markels, Leah Paul, Kathryn Tucker, and Adaora Dadson. Please take time to congratulate them and encourage them as they have accepted this leadership role. At this time they will provide you with information about their upcoming Meet and Greet event.

KPS and Delbarton School have decided to officially collaborate with one another to host events and discussions around various topics. We are planning a meeting with the theme of identity on zoom for Tuesday, June 1.

Edel Thomas

On Friday May 21 the music wing will be off limits. All the AP Language and Music Theory exams will take place. No use of big rooms or small studios is permitted. Your teachers and advisors will be in touch with you about an alternative meeting spot for class. We also kindly request that you do not exit the music wing door except for emergencies because of the noise.

Community Service Committee

Donate to the First Night Kit Drive! Just a reminder that the drive will close this Friday. Also, we are accepting Covid related donations such as clean masks.

Sarika Somaiya

I’m excited to announce Current Talks is back on and we’re ready to have some great discussions around topics of your interest. Additionally, we will be going over leadership during the meeting. After Morning Meeting look out for a google form that will be sent out. Please fill it out regarding the topics you would like to discuss. Thank you and we can’t wait to see all of you there.

Ruby and Audrey

Trailblazer day!! More info to come!!! Trailblazer presentation here.


The Senate Town Hall is today! Please be sure to check in with your advisors at 12:00! If you have a lab block or have to go to PE to finish your credits, you are excused but you are required to read over the proposals on your own time.

No Phones Day Challenge Announcement

We wanted to remind you all that the Social Media Task Force is hosting a no phone day challenge tomorrow. Although participation is not mandatory, we hope you participate! The class with the most participation & points will win a prize!

Everyone must be in advisory at 8:15 tomorrow morning to hear from our guest speaker, Max Stossel, who will kick off our No Phone Day Challenge. Throughout the school you will see wall posters with conversation questions for you to chat with friends about and write your answers on the poster board. At 12pm we will all go back to our Advisory for the Trivia Contest. There will also be a scavenger hunt for spirit points and a prize for the class with the most points! We also want to make it clear that if you do not feel comfortable participating on your own, ask a friend and take the challenge together!!


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