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5/1/23 Announcements

Ms. Murphy’s Weekly Announcements: here

Jewish-American Heritage Month

Ms. Cohen shared about her Jewish heritage through talking about Allen Ginsberg, a Jewish poet and writer who was also a friend of her grandfather. She additionally read an excerpt of one of Ginsberg’s poems, “A Supermarket in California”. Find the poem here.


Celebrate Neurodiversity Day is right around the corner on May 2! Remember to wear the colors assigned to your grade (Grade 9 - wear blue, Grade 10 - wear yellow, Grade 11 - wear red, Grade 12 - wear green, Faculty - wear white) and to attend the student panel at 10:30 in the Great Room!


From today, 5/1 to this Friday, 5/5, I will be holding a popcorn fundraiser. You can purchase bags of popcorn off of the website, which will be shipped directly to your house. 50% of proceeds will go to the Community Food Bank. Thanks for your support!


We’re excited to announce that GLAMD will be hosting a menstrual product drive that will end on May 19! The collected products will go to I Support The Girls, which is based in New Jersey. Also, look out for Clara’s email about applying for GLAMD leadership for next year!

Ms. Thomas

Congratulations to everyone who participated in An Evening Of Dance, from our performers to students working behind the scenes. Your hard work made this event a true success.


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