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11/10/20 Announcements

Mrs. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: here

Mrs. Murphy

You can’t go to the Gaga pit during Primary School during lunch. When indoors everyone must only sit where stickers are placed. On Wednesday and Thursday lunch may be indoors.

Community Service Committee

The Upper School Community Service Committee will be hosting its annual food drive in support of MEND Hunger Relief Network of Essex County. They are seeking donations in the category of “rice, beans, and canned proteins.” All donations must be collected by the morning of November 20th. On the afternoon of the 20th, the Committee will welcome a MEND representative onto campus to accept the donation. Additionally, all members of the community can support the drive by using the following donation link here. Please make sure to include “Kent Place” in the comments section, so we can identify how much we raised. Thank you for your support!


GSA and JCS have a collab on Wednesday! We will be discussing the Jewish Pride Flag ban and its implications. Hope to see you all there; here is the link for the zoom.

Fall Play

The fall play, The Offerings, will be on Thursday November 13th (@ 4 pm), Friday November 14th (@ 4 pm) and Saturday November 15th (@ 2 pm)! Click here to sign up to go.

Anyra Kapoor for Diwali

Hi everyone! My name is Anyra Kapoor and I am one of the APICA leaders. Diwali is this Saturday, the 14th, and Kent Place is putting together a video to show how the members of our community celebrate Diwali and its significance to them. If you and your family celebrate Diwali, please consider sending in a video to me explaining what Diwali means to you and how your family celebrates it. They can be super quick, under 15 seconds and filmed horizontally. Thank you so much!

Mrs. Smith

First, please note that the construction paper link hanging near the Great Room represents your connection goals for this school year. This is a reminder to each of us that we have a commitment as a community to reach out and stay connected! Second, there will be small group 9th grade lunches this week so check your email for an invite!

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