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5/19/20 Announcements

Mrs. Murphy's Weekly Updates: click here

Ms. Gentile

The advancement office has created a letter exchange initiative. The exchange will be between alumnus and current students. These letters will be archived as a part of the celebration of the 125th year of Kent Place.

Please see Mrs. Murphy's email to vote for the Citizenship Cup 2020. The Citizenship Cup award is presented to that member of the senior class who, during her years at Kent Place, has shown herself to be the outstanding example of student citizenship. All faculty and students in the Upper School vote for the recipient. Over many years the award has recognized loyalty, pride in the school, courage in the face of unpopular decisions, respect earned by example and by unobtrusive dedication and friendliness and helpfulness to classmates, younger girls, and faculty members.


To celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Anyra Kapoor, Serena Zheng, and Emma Chan shared interesting facts, important stories, etc. related to their identity. They will send additional information after the announcement!

Shelter in Verse

Thank you all for your submissions!! The winning poem of the Haiku section is by Liz Sorvino-Mancini. The two winning poems from the free verse section are by Sadie Zeiner-Morrish and Sekai Marques.

Kent Place Women’s Basketball Team

There are 190 days until Kent Place Women's Basketball is back and under attack for the 2020-2021 season!! Sadly I will not be starring in the games next year but make sure you go! Be there or be square!

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