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5/4/20 Announcements

Mrs. Murphy's Weekly Updates: click here Morning Meeting Madness:

Ms. Gordon

AP Students--for anyone taking ANY AP Exam this year, please remain in the MM Zoom for some important info. If you can't stay, join me at 3:30. The link for the 3:30 meeting is in an email I sent yesterday.

Community Service

Hi Everyone! The Community Service Committee has decided to change the criteria for the annual Community Service Breakfast (which is now going virtual!). Due to the current circumstances, we believe that it wouldn't be fair to keep the criteria at a minimum of 20 hours for Freshmen and 25 for everyone else. Thus, we have changed the criteria to the following: Freshmen

need a minimum of 14 hours and everyone else needs a minimum of 19 hours. On that note, the deadline to log all of your hours from the 2019 to 2020 school year is this Wednesday, May 6th at 3:30. To log your hours fill out this form.


Hi everyone! Now that it's May, it is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! APAH month is about recognizing the accomplishments, contributions, and influence of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans. Every week there will be a new announcement from one of our club members, so please email Adithi, Olivia, or Jessica if you want to make an announcement. Our first announcement will be from Eirian! We encourage you all to celebrate this month with us!


The year book has been finished and sent to be printed! There will be a delivery delay due to the quarantine. Senior’s yearbooks will be sent through the mail in early June and everyone else soon after.

Mrs. Murphy

The Bioethics Symposium is on Wednesday and everyone is expected to attend. The is a link on the weekly updates doc that shows where each advisory should go. You are welcome to attend other presentations than the one your advisory is assigned. Wednesday afternoon class elections will be held.

Shelter in Verse

This submission form for Shelter in Verse will be open through this Friday. So far we have had some great submissions by students and faculty!

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