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Online Learning Moods!

When you are used to waking up at 2 pm., but class starts at 8 am today:

When you are picking out what outfit you will wear to “school” today:

And you decide to spice up your look for beach day:

Your computer after a 200 person zoom morning meeting:

When you don’t know the answer so your computer magically starts “glitching”:

When you finish your answer to a question in class and then realize you had been on mute the entire time:

When you tell a joke to your class but then realize everyone is on mute:

When everyone is waiting to join the class because just the teacher is in the call, so you take one for the team:

When you realize it's Monday and then remember you don’t have a class until 12:

When you have online PE after you haven’t gotten out of your bed in three days:

When you receive the nicest videos from your teachers in your inbox:

When you realize how much you miss the Kent Place Community:

But, when you remember how amazing it will be to be back:

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