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Need Help Choosing Classes? Look No Further!

It’s that time of year where you’re registering for classes....and once again you have no idea what classes you want to take. Well, have no fear! We surveyed the juniors and seniors about their experience in the many different class offerings at Kent Place, and here are the top 5 voted classes for each respective category.

Most Fun:

  1. AP Environmental Science

  2. Physics

  3. AP US History

  4. Media Studies

  5. AP Chemistry

Most Demanding (HW):

  1. AP Physics

  2. AP Latin

  3. Bioethics

  4. AP Economics

  5. Supernatural Literature

Most Interesting:

  1. AP Environmental Science

  2. Dramatic Literature

  3. AP US History

  4. Media Studies

  5. Literature of Creativity


  1. Multivariable Calculus

  2. AP Physics

  3. AP Calc BC

  4. AP Latin

  5. AP Economics


  1. Acting Seminar

  2. Precalculus

  3. Contemporary History

  4. Latin IV/V Lit

  5. Chinese

Now, of course, these all largely depend on the student's individual experiences (what teacher they had, what students were in their class, their work ethic, etc.). However, this list gives you an idea of how some of the higher level classes are at Kent Place. If you still need any help, the juniors and seniors are more than happy to give advice. Good luck, and happy class registering!

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