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February Fun!!!

February can be a very dreary month. The restfulness of break has worn off and it is FAR too cold. Scroll to see things to make your February fun! Includes many fun national holidays, laughing babies, and more!!!

February 2nd- See if Punxsutawney Phil thinks Spring is near!


February 6th- National Chopsticks Day!

February 9th- National Pizza Day!

Make a

February 11- Make a Friend Day!!!


February 14- Valentine’s Day!!!!

February 16- RoboDragons Competition

February 17- Presidents Day!!!! (No School for KPS!)

Can you name all of the US Presidents in Under 3 Minutes? Copy and Paste this into your Browser to find out!

February 20- National Love Your Pet Day!!!

February 23- National Tennis Day!!!!


February 25- Mardi Gras!


February 26- National Tell a Fairy Tale Day!!!!!


February 28- National Public Sleeping Day


February 28- End of Trimester!


February 29- Leap Day!!!!


February 28th and 29th- As You Like It! (KPS Winter Production!)


Enjoy some general fun things!

There may not be much sun, but there can be sunflowers!

Laughing Babies

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