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Monday 2/3/2020 B Week


On February 29, 2020 from 9am-4:30pm Newark Academy and Kent Place will be co-hosting the 2nd Annual New Jersey Students of Color Conference, an event led by students of color for students of color. This conference is a great way to connect with students from other schools and engage in collective dialogue surrounding diversity and inclusion. The chosen theme of this year's conference is Internalized Oppression and Self Love Within Identities of Color and will be featuring guest speaker Nyle Fort. If you are interested in attending, please notify Ms. Justice at by 2/14 and if you are interested in leading an affinity or discussion group at the conference, please respond to the email Tyler Newman sent out by 2/4. Thank you!

Community Service

Thank you to everyone who helped us assemble the bags on Friday; we greatly appreciate it! We were able to get all 900 bags done! We have extra chocolate, so we were able to make more bags. Thus, if you forgot to purchase chocolate hearts and still want to, you have the chance to do so! Please contact me if you want to purchase a bag! Also, please remember to bring in money! We are leaving the envelopes up until the end of this week! Thank you!

Athletic Association

The Ping Pong Tournament begins today! The rules are posted near the ping pong table so please be aware of them! Last night, emails were sent out to the players. If you signed up and did not get an email or have a conflict, please let me know.

In addition, for Girls and Women in Sports Day, every Monday a member of AA will be sharing about a women in sports. Yesterday, history was made as Kate Sower, the offensive assistant coach for the 49ers, became the first woman to coach at a super bowl.


Please submit pictures and writings to DICHOS to win a bagel breakfast for your grade!

Black History Month

Black History Month began this past Saturday! In honor of such, here is a short video to kick off the month.

Ice Hockey

On Friday, we had a great game and beat Chatham 2-1! This week, we have two Prep State tournament games- on Tuesday we play Princeton Day School away at 5:15, and on Friday we play Pingry at the Bridgewater Sports Arena at 3:30!


Project Prism was a success! Thank you all so much for coming and making it an inclusive and fun space. Also, a special thanks to our student volunteers, our student facilitators, our faculty chaperones (Ms. Gordon, Ms. Cohen, and Mme Moreau), Dr. Schwartz, and Ms. Justice. If you liked Project Prism, be sure to come to our GSA meeting this Thursday!

Dr. Porterfield - Scholastic Writing Awards

Please join me in congratulating the following students, who have submitted original work and received recognition from the New Jersey Scholastic Writing Awards:

Emma Chan - six honorable mentions, two silver key awards, and two gold key awards for the poems "The Other Emma" and "summer solstice"

Eileen Cohn - honorable mentions for her short story, "Rescuing Pluto" and her critical essay, “The Importance of an LGBT+ Inclusive Education"

Kayla Kim - honorable mention for her flash fiction piece, "create vs. initiate"

Sophia Paris - honorable mention for her personal essay and memoir, "Sunflower-Paint"

Jenna Smith - gold key award for her dramatic script, "The Girl, the Myth, the Legend: Luna Dunn"

I hope you’ll have a chance to ask one of these writers about their work!

KP Democrats and Republicans

KP Republicans and KP Democrats will be having a Collab. meeting this Friday. It’s going to be a super fun way to engage in civil discourse with the other side. We will be sending out articles each day this week as part of our goal to get the Upper School more politically aware. Get excited!

Winter Track

Hi everyone! This weekend Winter Track had Prep States and everyone ran really well! Christiana came in 1st in the 55 and Grace came in 8th. Samara came in 8th in hurdles. Miranda came in 1st in the mile, Maggie came in 3rd, and Phoebe came in 4th. Arden came in 4th in the 800. Christiana came in first in the 200 and Grace came in 5th. Christiana also came in 1st in the 400, breaking the meet record. Miranda also came in 2nd in the 2 mile and the freshmen 4x4 team came in third! Our next meet is county championships so get excited!

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