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Monday 11/11/19 B week

Active Minds

Active Minds is leading a #hugmore campaign! Giving a (consensual) hug has so many benefits and is so easy. Starting Tuesday, give your friends a hug and send pictures to Kayla or Adrianna ( or by the end of the week.

Ms. Walden

Come support our actors in Radium Girls this Friday and Saturday at 7:30 in the Hyde and Watson Theater.

Ms. Murphy

This week has many changes -- all shown on the November calendar.

Bio Olympiad

If you're into biology and love to compete, this is the place to be! The USABO is a bio olympiad for students who are passionate about learning in depth biology. Please respond to Nupur's email if you are interested. We will be meeting every other week to discuss topics that are covered in the competition. When registering remember to pick Kent Place as the school, it's really simple but contact me if you have trouble. Try to register by the end of the week.

Girls Outdoor

Thanks everyone for participating in the first ever pumpkin carving competition! Although we had a lot of great submissions, the winner is senior Eileen Cohn! Congrats!


There is a Baggywrinkle meeting this Thursday during lunch! There will be pizza if you pay for it. The theme is gratitude/thankfulness!

Caroline Johnson

I just want to remind everyone that the sustainability challenge is still going on. If you don't see the challenges on your feed try to check my Instagram account and one will be posted everyday. Remember to keep logging your progress and if you missed a few challenges you can always do them on another day just indicate that they've been done and you can come to the breakfast! Thank you to everyone who's participating!


This is a reminder that there will be a Kaleidoscopes meeting this Wednesday in the annex from 3:30 to 4:30. We will be reading the book Same Same but Different, doing an activity and having a discussion!

This is the list of our remaining meetings:

December 4

January 22

February 19

April 15

May 13

Athletic Association

Ariel Lashinsky is Fan of the Month for the month of November! She has been an avid supporter of all Dragon teams going out of her way to cheer them on. Thank you Ariel!

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