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12 Spooky Costumes for Halloween

Don’t know what you want to be this halloween? Well, here are 12 costume ideas you could rock this halloween!

1. VSCO Girl:

Although VSCO has been around since 2011, the term “VSCO girl” has just become popular? If you have a hydro flask, scrunchie, and shell choker, you’re just about ready to be VSCO girl! All you have to do is find a long t-shirt and some white sneakers and you're all set!

2. Favorite TV show character:

If you're looking for a fun group costume idea, look no further! Dress up as some of the most iconic character groups!

3. Wild Animals:

Halloween is always cold, so why not stay warm in a comfy and soft animal onesie? They come in a variety of animals and aren’t too expensive! You can find these onesies on Amazon!

4. Aliens:

Although scientists have yet to prove that Aliens exist, they have been portrayed in many different forms in movies and books. Having no evidence of what Aliens really look like, this costume can be interpreted in many ways! Get creative with: metallic leggings/shorts, glittery makeup, green pants, and an antenna headband

5. Dragon a.k.a Chumley:

Show off your KPS pride by dressing up as Chumley, KPS’s mascot this halloween! All you need is: a dragon onesie or a green top/Kent Place Athletics t-shirt, a green bottom, and a pair of dragon wings!

6. M&Ms:

Did you know that M&M’s are 78 years old? In 1941, they were created in a factory in New Jersey and were named after the inventor of the M&M, Forrest E. Mars and the son of Hershey's president, Bruce Murrie. A long t-shirt of an M&M color, a print-on letter M with pants , or T-shirt with an M&M logo and a matching color tutu and pants would be perfect for this costume!

7. Hippies:

Did you know that hippies were part of a cultural movement in the 1960’s and 1970’s that rejected the mainstream of American lifestyle? If you can't find a tie-dye dress and tassel boots, you can always wear a tie-dye t-shirt with leggings and some groovy sunglasses! For a Kent Place twist, add a daisy crown or choker to your costume!

8. Tourist:

What’s more classic than a tourist costume! These articles of clothing can be found in almost any home and are a great last minute costume ideas!

9. Minnie Mouse:

This costume is easy, but also adorable! All you need for this costume is a red dress, hair bow, leggings/tights and some heels! Maybe add some mascara and blush to finish off the look! If you don’t have a red dress, try a black top and a red skirt!

10. 80’s Workout:

Let’s bring it back to the 80’s! Aerobic classes became popular in the 1980’s, when Jane Fonda released the first workout video. All you need for this outfit is a leotard or shorts, leggings/tights, leg warmers, and sneakers!

11. Spice Girls:

The Spice Girls formed in 1994, but did you know that they weren't originally called the Spice Girls? Before taking the name Spice Girls, they were called Touch. Then, after performing a song called “Sugar and Spice”, they changed their name to the Spice Girls. If you and four friends are looking for a fun costume idea, this could be the one for you!

12. Kent Place Middle Schooler:

Did you go to Kent Place in middle school? Do you still have your uniform? Bring it out of the back of your closet and be a Kent Place middle schooler!

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