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10/14/19 B week

Varsity Soccer

Soccer beat Jonathan Dayton 3-0 last week! We have home games on Tuesday and Thursday so come out to support if you can!

A Taste of India

A Taste Of India is on Friday, October 25th from 5:30 to 7:30 in the Upper School! If you want to experience authentic Indian culture, eat delicious food, watch traditional Indian dance, and get your name written in ancient Indian languages, you should definitely attend India Fest!

Latinx Cultural Association

Since Hispanic Heritage Month ends tomorrow, October 15, Latinx Cultural Association will be making the last "What my Latinx identity means to me" announcement this morning. Thank you to everyone who showed their support this month whether it was by coming to and participating in Latinx Night, listening to our morning meeting announcements, coming to one of our club meetings, or learning about Latinx history and culture. We hope to have more planned throughout the rest of the year!

Varsity Tennis

The past few weekends have been incredible for KPVT as we continue to compete in our individual state tournaments. Caroline McGinley (1st singles), as well as Grace McGinley and Remy Charters (1st doubles), are in the finals of their individual state tournaments (separated by singles/doubles players). This means that Grace and Remy are currently one of the two best doubles teams in the state of New Jersey competing for the title and Caroline is essentially one of the two best tennis players in state of New Jersey. We are also in the finals of our team states, as we will be competing for the title on our home courts Tuesday afternoon at 1:30.

Ms. Gordon

PSAT reminders for sophomores and juniors: Please report to the Field House breezeway by 7:45 Wednesday morning. You don't need to sign in, but try to leave backpacks, phones and other items in your lockers prior to coming to the Field House. If you must come directly to the Field House, you will need to shut your phone completely off and hand it to the proctors for safekeeping. You may bring a snack and a water bottle (no coffee or other beverages), provided the water bottle doesn't have a label or a lot of text on it. Definitely bring regular (not mechanical) #2 pencils and a calculator with fresh batteries or extra batteries. Eat a good breakfast, and start hydrating Tuesday night!

Mock Trial

We will be holding auditions for new members on Saturday. If you are interested in auditioning or are a returning member and weren’t able to make it this past weekend, please sign up on the google doc we sent out. Please don’t hesitate to email if you have any questions!

President's Council

Please come to the great room promptly at 10:30 for a president's council meeting!


Baggywrinkle will be having its first meeting of the year on Thursday during lunch in Dr. Schwartz's room. It's a club where you can share your own creative work (poems, songs, etc.) and get constructive criticism. Or, you can just listen to what everyone else is sharing. There will be pizza, so you should come!!


“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was a military policy instituted during the Clinton Administration, in 1993. Some advertised this policy as fairly progressive, because it banned any discrimination towards closeted LGBTQ+ people. However, the policy was discriminatory in its own right because it barred any openly LGBTQ+ people from serving in the military, thus the name: “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” Organizations, such as OutServe-SLDN fought tirelessly to create a US military where all people could serve without hiding who they are. Fortunately, their efforts were successful in September of 2011, when the Obama administration repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. While discrimination of all sorts may still exist in the military, this was a major step forward for LGBTQ+ people across America.


Varsity Volleyball is 12-0! We have prep states semi-finals and finals tonight at Rutgers Prep.

Engineering Club

Hey Everyone! Engineering Club has a meeting on Thursday during club/break in the Innovation Lab (Room 118). We will be making keychains using the laser cutter and the 3D printer!

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