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9/27/19 A week

Environmental Club

The Global Climate Strike on September 20 was a huge success! Over 4 million students across the world went on strike against the lack of productive climate action in governments and for a fossil free society. Around 300 Kent Place students participated in the strike!


Hi we would like to announce a new club that we started this year, Jewish Cultural Society. Our mission as a club is to educate the community about Jewish culture as it is connected to our modern day world. Hope to see you there, and look out for us at club fair!

Hispanic Heritage Month

Hi Everyone! I’m Isabella, and for Hispanic Heritage Month, I’ll be talking about my Puerto Rican background and the food. I am from Puerto Rico on my mom’s side and something I love is that I can connect to the culture through its food. Something special for me is Thanksgiving. Usually people have turkey and mash potatoes but my family has pernil which is cooked pork and white rice instead of potatoes. We also have other side dishes like plantanos and tostones which are variations of cooked plaintains. Now obviously my Thanksgiving is in no way better than anyone else’s but it’s different, and i’m glad i get to share those differences with you all!

Community Service

To fulfill one of our goals of spreading awareness of what community service really means, we have decided to begin a new series called Inspiring Kent Place. Every month we will be showing you a clip from a CNN Hero video and showing you some questions to think about. On another note, thank you to everyone who has participated in the ColorASmile activity! Just some things to keep in mind: we have a lot of incompletes, so if you can finish those before starting a new one that would be great! Also, please make sure to bring back the crayons and markers (keep in mind what we discussed during the Honor code assembly!).

Green Key

There will be a 9th Grade Preview Day on Friday of next week, so keep an eye on your email to see if you're going to be assigned a role that day. If you want to sign up for a subcommittee but haven't yet, please email Catherine, Tyler, or Zarah. We are going to be posting weekly Tuesday Tips for the rest of the year. We will be sending out an interest form this week. You do not need to be in Green Key to submit a tip.


We are now union county champs!

Student Affairs

INTRODUCING SPIRIT POINTS!!! This year, all spirit points will be accumulated on the spirit points google document. Based on the event, spirit points will be awarded on participation as well as other categories, which will be specified based on event. The grade in first will receive 20 points, then 2nd will receive 15, then 10, then 5. You can win spirit points by going to the DANCE TONIGHT and also INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL!! More details about what the spirit points will get your grade is coming soon.

Diversity Council

Delbarton's Diversity Among Peers club will be hosting a Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration Night and we are all invited! There is going to be entertainment, including 2 DJs and a photo booth. Whoever takes the best photo of the night wins 2 tickets to a Badbunny concert. We're going to be sending out this information in an email with an RSVP form as well. DivCo members and DEI members are especially encouraged to attend because Delbarton always supports us with all of our events. Thank you!

Social Committee

The Kent Place tropical dance is tonight from 7:30-10:00! Doors close at 8:00. Please bring $8 and your ID for admission! Remember to dress up on theme!

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