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A Tribute to Blackwomanhood

Although Black History Month has come to an end, we at Starboard want to share a video that celebrates blackness in all its beauty and complexity. Though many people see black history as being confined to the month of February, we believe that black contributions and black life are ever present as well as unlimited. This video was specifically created to display the vast experiences of African-American females. The young women in the video were tasked with answering this difficult question: “What does being black mean to you?” As you watch this video, you are encouraged to analyze your own preconceived notions of blackness. Ask yourself: “In what ways are my biases helpful or harmful?” “What new ideas has this video introduced me to that I have never been exposed to?” “How can I continue to support the black community all year long?” (Whether that’s being an ally, or if you are Black/African-American, being more supportive and in touch with others in your racial group.) I hope you enjoy the video and that it inspires you to be more thoughtful and open!

Note: This video was originally posted on and on the @afropuffchronicles Instagram. The New Voice is a political opinion blog for teens and by teens. Afro Puff Chronicles is a global, blog-based platform for girls of color to share their experiences and stories.

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