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What is the Best Coffee in Summit?

Today, in this article, we are answering a question that has been pondered upon for decades upon decades on end; what is the best coffee in Summit? Some say Starbucks; others say Dunkin’ Donuts. Some even dare to say Boxwood or Manhattan Bagel have the best coffee. But who really has, and deserves, the glorious title of “Best Coffee in Summit?”

I gathered up four participants to test this question. But not like they normally would; they tested the options blindly. The participants were given the option to put in milk and sugar in their coffee. The first coffee tasted was Starbucks. With good reviews, all of the participants thought that it was from Manhattan Bagel. They later changed this answer to Dunkin Donuts.

“Don’t judge a coffee by its smell” - Emmy Wheatley

The second coffee tasted was from Dunkin Donuts. All of the participants immediately said that they did not enjoy it and that it smelled and tasted sour and bitter. They all guessed that it was from Boxwood. The third coffee tasted was from Boxwood. The participants decided that this coffee was one of the worst ones they’d had so far, describing it as “sour and watered-down.” They guessed that this coffee was from Manhattan Bagel and changed their guess for the first sample. The last coffee was from Manhattan Bagel. All of the participants liked this coffee, and two people said that it was their favorite of the day, while two others said that it was their second favorite. Everyone thought that it was from Starbucks.

“Ew. This coffee is so gross” - Grace Zong, talking about Boxwood’s coffee

The participants clearly decided that in the end, Starbucks and Manhattan Bagel’s coffees were a lot better than Boxwood and Dunkin Donuts’. Most of the people were shocked that Manhattan Bagel had one of the highest ranked coffees, as most people had never been there before.

“Wow, Manhattan Bagel actually has decent coffee. I was not expecting that” - Abby Casamassina

Thank you so much to Emmy Wheatley, Abby Casamassina, Sadie Zeiner-Morrish, and Grace Zong for participating! I hope these results can clear up this age-old question with some certainty, but then again, you like what you like, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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