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Fall Places to Go

Melick’s Town Farm:

Melick’s Farm is a family-friendly place that has a large apple-picking orchard that visitors are taken to by a hayride. Along with the apple orchard, the farm also has pumpkins, apple cider, and many more attractions. From personal experience, I highly recommend the roasted corn on a cob! If you are not the outdoorsy type, Melick’s Farm has a market just down the street with all of the apples picked for you.

Bane Haunted House:

Highly rated and considered extremely scary by both Buzzfeed and the Star-Ledger, Bane haunted house is the perfect attraction for the hardcore spooky season fans among us. Bane is open from 7pm-9pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays and 7pm-12pm from Friday to Sunday all through October and the first week of November. On Saturdays from 2:30-3:30, the haunted house has a less scary version of their regular tour for kids or people who want to be able to fall asleep after visiting Bane.

Hacklebarney State Park:

Hacklebarney State Park is a beautiful place to hike. The park’s trails are 3.7 miles round trip (very doable), and the park features a pretty river called the Black River. Hacklebarney is popular for hikers, walkers, and fishermen alike. There are also many places to have a peaceful picnic at the park. In the surrounding area of the park there are other trails, which can easily be added to your hike if you so desire. Please be aware that biking and horseback riding are not permitted in the park.

Your couch:

When all else fails (or you’re just too lazy to do anything else), laying down on the couch in pajamas, eating something pumpkin spice flavored, and watching Netflix will feel pretty darn great.

More fun places:



Summit Farmers’ Market: Pickle on a stick? Yes please!


Sammy’s ye Old Cider Mill: (steakhouse) SERIOUSLY IT’S SO GOOD PLEASE GO HERE!

JG Melon: The chili is fantastic, but you will get slammed against the wall if you don’t defend yourself! Let your inner New Yorker out at this fun, old fashioned, TINY restaurant. Intrigued? Click the link!

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