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Friday, 11/2/18 (B Week)


Lacrosse will be having a bake sale on Monday to raise money for our spring break trip to Florida! It will be in the tired area through lunch, so please come support us - there will be all kinds of baked goods including brownies, cookies, donuts, etc., and everything will be priced $1-$2.

Sofia Kwon

Hi everyone! This is just a reminder to sign up for articles for the Ballast Thanksgiving issue if you haven't already! It is really important that you sign up because we want to get articles in by this Sunday. Your article does not have to be super long, and if you have any specific needs or concerns with deadlines let us know. We will be re-sharing the document to those on our email list, but if you are interested in writing an article and are not shared on it, just email Sofia, Jaida, or Michaela. Thanks!

Athletic Association

The dragons of the week this week are: Varsity Cross Country - Maya Vuchic Varsity Field Hockey - Hannah Abere and Hope Malloy JV Field Hockey - Grace Kane Varsity Soccer - Peyton Nichols JV Soccer - Clare Buckley JV Tennis - Eliza Lox and Serena Lee Varsity Volleyball - Gabie Vicens

Public Expressions

There will be a Public Expressions Club meeting today at 10:30 in Ms. Cohen's room (237). We'll be discussing Poetry Out Loud and playing a super fun game! (Also, we have candy!)

Active Minds

Active Minds meeting during club/break! We will be talking about safe spaces and making pages for Lauren's memory book.


Varsity soccer won their first states game 8-0!! We play Mt St. Dominics today away at 4:00pm!

Community Service

Community Service will be having a meeting today! Come to be a part of our discussions about Thanksgiving activities and Bridges Runs.


GLAM'D Meeting today in Dr. Barovero's room! Today we will be examining the gender bias in music videos by engaging in discussion after watching the videos.

Ms. Woodall

Ms. Woodall shared information about Diwali, which starts on 11/7.

Also, St. Peter's Prep suffered a tragedy; friends (KP scholar-leaders) may be impacted. Ms. Woodall discussed what it means to support friends/potentially family members.

Ms. Gordon

Next Friday, November 9 is the first Bridges run of the school year! Check your e-mail for a permission form!

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