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The Food Of Sophomore Special

By Audrey Alix

The Food of Sophomore Special

Disclaimer: This is meant to be a joke - Sophomore Special really is a good time, promise. Thank you to all of our class deans and chaperones!

This year, the Class of 2021 went to Sophomore Special at Camp Johnsonburg, and the food was really really great. Absolutely fantastic. They served lots of options such as baked egg cakes; they were so good that they were shiny, and the texture was awesome-- gummy and chewy, like a piece of candy!

The potatoes were the best part. They were actually very good! They were well seasoned, like the very, very moist corn from the night before. Meanwhile, as a vegetarian, I was offered some yummy chicken nugget alternatives. They were fried pieces of tofu, modified to taste like chicken. They were so good that I went up for seconds, but I was then told that they had run out and was offered some steak-less steak instead. I’ll pass on that.

I refused this and went back and tried some of the rice. This wasn’t bad. But, for the meat eaters of the group, they were given a bucket of grey beef, piled high with thick, gooey gravy. My favorite meal by far was our last one-- lunch on Friday -- nachos. It was awesome; they offered re fried beans (I could actually eat these; they were vegetarian) and some cheese. It was so yellow I was almost sure it wasn’t really cheese. But I must’ve been wrong, because I guess I must’ve not known about the high chemical and sugar composition of real cheese….delicious!

Overall, Sophomore Special was a very fun experience. The food wasn’t quite “five star”, but the activities were awesome. We became much closer with the people in our activity groups and cabin assignments. Cabins A through C had memory foam mattresses, perfect for jumping on.

Freshman, a word of advice, enjoy it, but bring lots of snacks.

That’s the tea, sis.

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