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Friday, 9/21/18 (B Week)

Latin Heritage Celebration

Latin Heritage celebration will be held at Kent Place on the 26th of September from 5-7:30. We will have food, Samba dancing, a Mariachi band, and much more! Anyone and everyone is welcome!! You can come after practice or do homework at school until 5 and then come on down.

Ms. Murphy

You are only allowed to order from outside vendors during an advisory lunch (with a teacher’s permission). Remember to give your money to reception before the food arrives and to fill out all necessary forms.

Social Committee

The Oratory Dance is THIS FRIDAY! 9/21. Get pumped, but also remember that you are representing Kent Place.


Today, September 21, 2018, is the last day to play the 9th Grade Starboard Scavenger Hunt! Check for more details, and make sure to share your videos with before September 28.

Athletic Association

Today we have our first Athletic Association Meeting!! We will be discussing plans for the year as well as making a couple sub-committees for different activities we will be planning! It is an open meeting, so anyone interested is welcome to join!

President’s Council

October 1st is World Day of Bullying Prevention, so wear blue in solidarity!

Varsity Soccer

Soccer had two games this week; we won on Tuesday 7-0 against Rahway, and we won yesterday 4-0 against Dayton. We have a home game tomorrow at 1:30 against New Providence, so if you are at Family Fun Day, you should come over to our game after!

Math Team

Math team season is here! Join us in competition with teams from around the world. Send email to Dr. Pantozzi to get registered.

AP Portfolio

Hi! Take a second to check out AP Portfolio’s projects (on the CFI walls) and Instagram page! The class has entered a new phase of out artistic careers where we are able to pursue our own interests. Stay tuned for shows to come!


Volleyball is currently undefeated (3-0)! This week, both Varsity and JV beat Hillside and Oak Knoll. Today we have an away game against New Providence, so if you are in the area, come out and support!

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