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Monday, 9/17/18 (B Week)

Adithi Jayaraman

This Thursday, you all will have a wonderful, unique opportunity to meet a world-renowned dancer and social activist. Her name is Sangeeta Isvaran, and my sister and I interviewed her last year for our film, A World of Sheroes. When I interviewed her last summer, I was truly inspired by what she had to say and how she presented herself. So, when we heard that she was coming to America to perform at the Lincoln Center, we knew we had to bring her here. What does she exactly do? Ms. Isvaran uses dance to create social change. She works with many marginalized groups, such as sex workers, landmine victims, people who are differently abled, and victims of caste and religious discrimination. She has worked in over 40 countries across 5 continents, and she has also won several prestigious awards for the tremendous work she has done. I hope you all are excited because this is going to be a really amazing and mind-opening assembly! Thank you!

Community Service

Be sure to fill out the Community Service hours log! Refer to posters in your lounge for instructions.

Dr. Pantozzi

Math field trip in two weeks - open to all. Leave 8:15 for maths like you've never seen it, even in the the Math Studio. Back by 1:30. Speaking of the Math Studio, it's open, as always, all the time, and you need no appointment to hang out. Check myKPS for the peer tutoring schedule, which will be up soon.

Dr. Rezach

Fill out your Ethics Bowl Team Applications!

Family Fun Day

Please consider volunteering for Family Fun Day this Saturday! It’s a great chance to make an impact on your younger sisters in the community.

Michaela Markels

This is an announcement to kick off the US' 50th Hispanic Heritage Month, which is from September 15 to October 15! This is a time to recognize the many contributions that Latinx people have made to the US and to celebrate the variety of cultures represented by them. Throughout this month, KP members of the Latinx community will be making announcements about what their identity means to them. Being Latina has taught me, Michaela, how to enjoy life along the way and appreciate the people around me. From my Mexican side of the family, I have learned the value in prioritizing what's best for the community over what's best for one's self. Please take some time to check out the bulletin board in the language wing for important figures, events, and facts, and make sure to join us at Latinx night on September 26!


Starboard is running a new game this week (9/17-9/21), just for the 9th Grade! Here’s how to play and win: 1. Check out the list on and click on the links for inspiration 2. Take short videos (less than 10 seconds) of you or a group (1-4 students) doing at least 7 items on the list 3. Upload the videos to a folder in Google Drive entitled with your name or the names of all group members 4. Share the folder with before September 28 Even if you don’t win, your video clip could be featured in a compilation video on Starboard. HAVE FUN!!

Mr. Morey

On Tuesday this week, 10:30-11:00, Mr. Maset and I will host an optional session and Q&A time for juniors on the summer reading novel The Known World. This will be in Mr. Morey's classroom. No other Conference time this week will be affected. Also: September 17 is National Constitution Day!

Ms. Chaffee-Cohen

This Spring Break, we will offer an amazing Global Learning trip to Mexico where you will do STEM research with Earthwatch. There will be a formal information session on 9/25/18 in the Great Room, but if you want more information, you can speak with Ms. Chaffee-Cohen. Here is a brief description of the trip: Discover a different side of Mexico on this STEM focused global learning trip. This Earthwatch program will give you the opportunity to work alongside researchers and local farmers whose goals are to understand the impacts of urbanization on the presence of native species, water dynamics, and soil quality around the lush wetlands of Xochimilco and its “floating gardens”, or chinampas. Our group will have the opportunity interact with the local community while gathering authentic scientific data that will be used to increase local awareness of the benefits of traditional agriculture and subsequently, improve ecosystem health. Beyond our work as researchers, we’ll also have the opportunity to explore culturally significant landmarks such as the Museo Dolores Olmedo with it’s collection of art featuring Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, bird watching, and an open market in Mexico City. Join us!

Natalie Gilfillan

Seniors - please remember to sign up to meet with us about your senior pages for the yearbook! You do not need to have your photos chosen yet, we just need to plan out your layouts. :)


If you're interested in joining robotics, please make sure to fill out the interest form! Our first meeting is tonight at 6 in the Innovation Lab.

Ms. Murphy

If working in the CFI public spaces, please keep your voices to a low roar. There are classes and study halls that meet there.

Cross Country

Cross Country has a meet this Monday at Oak Ridge.


Volleyball has 3 games this week! Monday at home against Hillside, Varsity at 4:30, Tuesday at home against Oak Knoll at 4:00, and Friday away at New Providence at 4:00. JV will play after the varsity games. Please come out and support!


Tennis had our Moorestown Classic Tournament this past weekend and we placed second. We are also now third in the state! We have three matches this week, an away match on Tuesday against Kinnelon, another away match on Thursday against New Prov, and a home match on Friday against Oak Knoll.

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