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Thursday, 5/17 (B Week)

Junior Class

Please help support the Junior Class with there bake sale next Wednesday we will have a bunch of yummy treats!

GenHERation Campus Connection Tour

Today (5/17/18) is the GenHERation Campus Connection Tour! Come to the Great Room at 6:00 PM to enjoy a panel of female executives from major organizations such as GSK, the Federal Bar Association, and UNC Chapel Hill. There will be prizes and hands-on activities. The event consists of a panel and then a small group activity in which students will develop their own solutions to a real problem existing in a company currently.

Green Key

Applications for participation as a Green Key Tour Guide will begin Friday, May 18th and are due by Friday, May 25th. Everyone who wants to be considered for Green Key MUST apply, even if you are in Green Key this year. The whole application will take five to ten minutes and the free-response section need only be a few sentences. Ms. Cheetham will send the application out on Friday morning to all current 9th, 10th and 11th graders. You should save the form with your name, complete it, then return it to her.


APICA will be having a meeting today during Club/Break! Adithi will be doing a presentation about India and Indian stereotypes so come for an interesting discussion!


There is a party at GSA today!!!!! We have cake and cookies! Come!

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