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Friday, 4/20/18 (B week)


Seniors please check your emails for a Google folder that will be shared for senior wills in the Graduation Issue of Ballast. The word limit is 75-150 words!

Social Committee

Prom forms will be handed out!

National School Walkout

The Walkout will be today at 10:30 at the Middle School Entrance. There is also mandatory presentation at the Great Room at 10:45 today. See the presentation for logistics.

Lit Loose

Lit Loose will be meeting 4/30 to discuss Crazy Rich Asians!


Softball won on Monday 13-4, lost Tuesday 2-12, and won yesterday 9-2. Softball also had a HUGE upset against Summit (9-1).

Healthy Kids Day- Volunteer Opportunity

On Saturday from 12-3, the South Orange/Maplewood YMCA is having an annual Healthy Kids Day. It promotes youth development and reminds kids to stay active. It is located at the main YMCA in Maplewood on Jefferson Ave. Volunteer opportunity. E-mail for more info.

Girls Outdoors

This is a reminder to fill out the permission slips for our Spring Outing on April 29. Make sure to get them in to Ms. Chaffee-Cohen by Monday! Get excited!!

Athletic Association

Come out at 3:30 today (4/20) and cheer on the MS lax and Softball Teams and see SOMEONE VERY SPECIAL dressed as CHUMLEY !

Ms. Chaffee-Cohen

On Saturday 4/28/18 the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking will be hosting an event to educate the public about the issue of human trafficking in our state and to train people to be part of the SOAP campaign. The event is from 1:00-3:00pm in the theater. US students and parents are welcome to attend. Please be aware that due to the serious nature of this subject, some content may be sensitive for some individuals.

Ethics Bowl

The Ethics Bowl team is heading to UNC Chapel Hill for nationals

Sarah and Kate

Senior class college sweatshirt privilege passed! Seniors are now allowed to wear college sweatshirts as part of the dress code. This is a privilege only for seniors, so members of other classes should keep that in mind when it comes to sweatshirts.

Kiana McQuade

Hi everyone! My name is Kiana, and I have recently been involved with St. John's Soup Kitchen in Newark. I'm running a toiletry drive for the soup kitchen where I will be collecting unused toothpaste, razors, deodorant, soap, toothbrushes, toilet paper, feminine products, and more. I’m doing this drive because about 29% of the population in Newark live below the poverty line, which is actually higher than the national average of 14.7%, and soup kitchens are a huge help to a lot of people. St. John’s Soup Kitchen serves over 300 lunches a day and would really appreciate if we could help them be able to also hand out a toiletry bag to their customers. The drive will start next week on Monday. I’ll put plastic bins in each of the lounges and in the tiled area that will have a list of needed items. When the drive is over, I will send out a form asking you to fill out which items you brought in, and the person who brought in the most items will get a bagel breakfast for their advisory. I will also send a follow-up email with more information after morning meeting, so look out for that and bring toiletries in on Monday! Thank you!


We are 0-7 currently but are playing MKA away at 1 on Saturday!


Golf had a few matches this week. We played everyone in our league and OKS and MSD twice and we won all but one match!

Investment Club

Meeting today during Committees to check on companies from the investment game.

KP Dems

KP Dems has a meeting today during club/break.

Ms. Gordon

AP Students: fill out the fast Google Form to let us know which pre-administration session you'll attend. The options vary by grade.

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