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Friday, 4/6/18 (B Week)

Community Service

We need a lot of volunteers to bake a cake for the cake sale-- come to Community Service today. If you can't, please email Sophie Huttner if you are willing to bake a cake.


Day of silence is on April 27th. If you want to participate (you do not need to be a member of GSA), we will be sending out a form to sign up.

Engineering Club

Engineering Club will be sending out a survey about dining hall preferences, please fill it out so that we can help improve lines, minimize compost, and improve the types of food at lunch!


Softball won our first game 21-1!!! We had an amazing game and everyone played really well.


GLAMD has a meeting during club/break in Dr. Barovero's room!


Come to Cabaret right after school (4:30). Tickets are 10$, support your friends, all proceeds will go to the Ireland trip.


We had our first game yesterday vs Mount Olive and have our first home game on Saturday vs Verona at 10am! Come support lax!


KP Dems has a meeting tomorrow in Ms. Mulrey’s room! We have food :)

Diversity Council

FACTS Night is on Friday, April 13th! It will be one of KPS's first multicultural events and a wonderful opportunity for people to get a taste for different cultures within our community and around the world!

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