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Friday 1/12/18 (B Week)


Women’s march is coming up! Glamd will be hosting a meeting to make posters!!

Winter Track

We have a meet Saturday at the New York Armory that starts at 8:30 and our County Relay meet Sunday at the Jersey City Armory that also starts 8:30.


Today we are meeting in Dr. McCreary's room to talk about HAIR! Also, we hope to see many of you at the MLK Day of Service on Monday!


Windward Coffee House coming up!!


Swimming had two meets this week. We lost both but we put a good fight. On Tuesday, we swam against GL. On Thursday, we swam against Oak Knoll. It was a very close meet. The final score was 86-82.


Fencing has had two meets this week: one against MKA and the other against Montclair. We won against MKA, but unfortunately lost against Montclair. Tomorrow we have a tournament (Santelli) at Drew. Fencers please be in the theater by 6:45 a.m on Saturday.

Community Service

Important meeting today; discussing upcoming during assembly, and chocolate hearts!

Ski Club

There is a possibility of taking a ski trip either next Friday (1/19) or the week after (1/26). Fill out the Google form we are sending out so we can see which date is preferred/other info so we can get all the forms together and finalize the trip. Please fill it out if you're the slightest bit interested! The trips are so much fun, and you must know how to ski/snowboard. Faculty-- please respond to the Google form about your availability to chaperone.

Math Department

Upper School Students, Do you enjoy working with others to solve interesting problems? Interested in stretching your mathematical abilities or investigating mathematical mysteries? The American Mathematics Competition (AMC) is an individual competition designed to motivate interest in mathematics and develop your math talents. This year, we will offer the AMC 10 and 12 on * Wednesday February 7th 8:15 - 9:30 (PLC and the start of Upper School Block C) AND * Thursday February 15th 10:40 - 11:55 (US Orchestra and Clubs.) * You may choose to participate on either day, or both days. To sign up, add your name and indicate the dates you wish to participate on the 2018 tab of this Google spreadsheet by January 19th.

Mock Trial

Practice tomorrow from 9:30 to 12:00; please get in your permission slips if you’re going to the competitions next week.


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