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12/9/22 Announcements

Ms. Murphy’s Weekly Announcements: here

Campus Security

During fire drills, please walk silently to your lines and avoid walking in front of/next to the building. Also, please ensure that you are wearing your lanyard at all times- this helps security know that you belong on campus. If your lanyard is lost, please alert your advisor so that you can get a new one. Green Key members whose lanyards have special access to the music wing entrance should only be using this entrance during tours. To Juniors and Seniors- please don’t move the cones in the Junior and Senior parking lots! Also, please make sure to check the Northern lot for overflow parking before coming to the guest parking lot.

Ice Hockey

After a tense and nail biting competition, the Ice Hockey team ended yesterday’s game against Chatham in a tie!

Math Club

Math Club is excited to announce our Math Meme competition! Submit an original math meme for a chance to win a gift card (place tbd). You don’t have to be a member of Math Club to join! Look out for an email with more information.


In honor of December 3rd being International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Kai shares his personal experience and some facts. Remember that even physical disabilities can be invisible! Don’t judge someone’s disability without knowing their story.

Film Club

This year’s Film Festival theme is…. “Well, That Was Unexpected”!

Ms. Murphy

Only 5 school days left until Winter Break! Keeping this in mind, please be sure to clear grade lounges of any personal items and to take any perishable items out of lockers. On Friday 12/16, please be out of the building by 12:30! Buses will run at this time.


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