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12/3/21 Announcements

A Week

Mrs. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: Here

Mrs. Murphy

The bathrooms are a shared space so we all must be courteous of the space and make sure to only flush toilet paper. If there are any issues with the toilets let someone know.

High School Federal Challenge

Sign up to join the High School Federal Challenge. It is a team-based (3-8 students) economics paper competition. The theme this year is climate change.


Kent Place will be hosting a hackathon on February 26! It will be an opportunity to code a program by yourself or in a small group, meet others with an interest in STEM, and hear from some really exciting speakers.

Disability Education Alliance

In honor of December 3 being the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities, club co-leader Lilly spoke about one of her disabilities, Sensory Processing Disorder.


The varsity swim team had their first meet on Wednesday against Union. We won 134 to 26! Congratulations to everyone who swam, it was a great first meet!


Please remember to sign in (we have all been pretty good about this so far) or else you will receive a minor. Everyone has three gifts available per trimester. They are used by submitting a reason for the lateness when you sign in on the iPad. You do not need to email Mrs. Murphy about lateness (when you have a gift available) unless you are missing classes.

Ms. Thomas

Black masks for STAR will be provided for everyone on the night of.


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