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1/26/21 Announcements

Mr. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: here

Online Clubs - Meetings/Links/Schedules: here

Ms. Henry February is Black History Month and we are excited about the many activities and events that will be hosted in the Upper School. This year, we are joining many other schools in hosting a Black Lives Matter Week to kick off the month. We will speak about this and do a quick review of events, especially those happening next week.

Ms. Hager

I'd like to introduce Mr. Biddulph, Math Department and Ms. Hook, Choral Music to the Upper School school community.

Community Service Committee

Buy from the Chocolate Heart Sale to support the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Order your chocolates here to send chocolates to anyone in the Kent Place community. There will be an extra little surprise in the first 100 orders. Spirit points will be awarded for the grade that buys the most.

Athletic Association

Jersey Day February 3rd! The grade that participates the most will win a prize.

Super Bowl Boxes— Sign up! Go to this form and put your name in an empty box to claim a score.

Lit Loose

The next Lit Loose meeting will be on March 1st. We will be reading "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky.


There will be a Bridges Run this Friday. PLEASE bringing lunches. These lunches go directly to people who need them and they are super easy to make. Our school pledged to make 200 lunches so don't assume that everyone else has you covered because there are a lot of people who are virtual. We would love it if everyone could make at least one lunch; making three or four can actually be more convenient. The grade that makes the most lunches gets the most spirit points!! Here is the form to sign up to help transport lunches to cars.


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