SIS Notes 2021: Individuals

The following notes were written to individual seniors and are organized alphabetically by last name. Please see the SIS Notes 2021 Home Page for links to group notes and the photo gallery.

Audrey Alix


Veronica Melendi: Thank you for being such a great role model and an amazing EIC for Starboard! Best of luck next year!

Seema Parmar: I couldn't have gotten through bio this year without you! Your constant connections, engagement, and enthusiasm really inspired me both as a student and as a person. Good luck next year!

Abby Casamassina: Hey Audrey, I have loved hanging out with you ever since we went to Mexico (what a wild time). Whether we talk in the hallway during a free or during bio I always have a good time. I'm going to miss bonding with you over concussions, the general struggle of life, and honestly some of the most random stuff ever. I know you're going to do amazing in college without us but you still have to visit sometime :)

Abby Nibauer: AUDREY!!! Thanks for being a great EIC and friend. Mock Trial was sooo fun with you and thanks for being just overall great!! Good luck at Hamilton!!

Charlotte Betz: Hey Audrey! I loved being in Stat together. You are so energetic, and I really admire how much energy you bring to everything you do.

Ms Cohen: Congratulations on the work you've done on Starboard, Audrey. You helped move the site into the next era, and you taught me so many more ways to be welcoming, non-judgmental, and kind. You rock! Thank you for being a great community-minded leader :D

Georgia Rabin: AUDREY! I am going to miss you SO MUCH next year! Thank you for bringing such positive energy to bio every day, and for being an amazing senior friend! I’ll never forget the freshman year Girls Outdoors trip where we first bonded haha! Good luck next year, I know you are going to do BIG THINGS! Please wear a helmet next time you ski tho. Love ya! 🏔⛷🥰

Sophie Bauhs

Abby Nibauer: Hi Sophie! Thanks for always helping me and being kind to me in Physics! Good luck at WashU next year!

Lizzie Beckett

Mary K Walden-Sait: Dear Lizzie, Thank you so much for all of the roles you played to make our theater productions thrive!!!! Thank you for one of the most brilliant Touchstone's I have ever seen, for Mrs. MacNeil, William Bailey and Berry, each abounding with nuance and delight. I wish you all the best in your future. Much love and thankfulness for your life and many talents. You will be missed! Ms. Walden

Miranda Lorsbach: Hi Lizzie! Some of my earliest memories from Kent Place are from the Montclair bus (..Donut Lee..Let's Yo..) and you were one of my earliest friends here. I can't believe you're a senior now! Thanks for being such a kind person and best of luck at Northeastern!!

Georgia Rabin: LIZZIE! Thank you for being one of my first best friends. You have no idea how proud I was (and am) to be your friend! I think I wrote about how you were my best friend in some essay from fourth grade LOL - I needed to flex my intragrade friendship on Ms. Hrebin. Anyway, thanks for everything from Revolting Children to being my friend to loving musicals with me to writing cartoons about grapes on the bus to the advice to all the good times! I’m sure I still have that crumpled piece of paper, with the lyrics to Revolting Children, still laying around somewhere. I know we are only a block away so I am expecting many visits when you are back in town in between doing big girl grown up college things. I am so proud of you and I admire your creativity and spirit every day. I’ll miss you next year! Don’t blink. Tehee. 🥰🎶

Haley Bigler

Aadya Bharadwaj: Hey Haley :) it was super nice to see you in the hallways and stuff since the last time I saw you (which feels like forever ago lol)... i hope you have a great year next year 💜

Ava Zinna: Hi Haley! Good luck at St. Andrews next year- I know that you are going to be amazing! I'll miss you but I'm so glad that we finally got to have a full year of being sisters :) Congrats!!

Kendall Blundin

Miranda Lorsbach: You tagging me at STIX after my hiding in the single stall and trying to escape in a trash can was a Kent Place memory I will for sure never forget. Thanks for adding some fun to my school day, even if you tagged me out in the end. Good luck at Bucknell next year!

Sarah Brandstaedter

Francesca Callejas: Hi Sarah! I have loved swimming with you on KPS and Scarlet. You make all the sets go by faster and much less painful. I'm gonna miss you, but I am so excited to see all the amazing things that you do! Good luck at Tufts! From, Francesca

Claire Bryant

Julia Messerman: Congrats on making it through your senior year and the college process. I wish you the best in college.

Georgia Rabin: Hey Claire! Crazy that you’re graduating! From the Montclair bus, to middle school orchestra, to Ms. Hone’s creative writing class, to that one day of precalc, to Orchestra now, you’ve definitely been there through my worst (all of middle school) and best moments. Thanks for making STAR rehearsals fun(ish) and for the nail polish and for giving me hope that there is recovery after nail biting. GOOD LUCK NEXT YEAR, you're gonna do amazing things! - Georgia R. 🥰

Abby Wall: You are so clutch thank you for driving me everywhere give me my sweatshirt thanks ily.

Zoe Campbell

Grace Martin: Congrats Zoe!!! I can’t believe you’re graduating!! I’m going to miss you so much next year especially our basketball times with bestie Adam. Expect many visits!

Remy Charters

Abby Nibauer: Hi Remy!! Thanks for being an amazing, incredible, wonderful squash captain and good luck at BC next year!! We'll miss you!!!

Jannat Chaundry

Iman Handy: I'll miss you, queen!!! Your insta pics NEVER fail to amaze me. Go kill it at NYU <3

Mia Chimenti

Julienne Kwan: Thank you for being my senior sister! Good luck at college.

Sophia Chimenti: Good luck in college next year!

Claire Chou

Celia Kanellakos: Congrats on graduating! Best of luck in college :)

Clara Schreibman: Thanks for all the advice in XC season!!! Love you so much!! I am excited to see you do big things in the future. Also I’m visiting you at Georgetown

Quinn Correa

Veronica Melendi: You are an amazing actor and morning meeting announcer, and I wish you the best of luck next year!

Aadya Bharadwaj: Thanks for brightening my day (twice a week) through your amazing energy during morning meeting...have a great year next year 💜

Isabella Diaz

Victoria Nouss: Heyyyy Isabella I can't believe that you're a senior!!! It still feels like freshman year when I first met you when we went to watch an eighth grade volleyball game and I thought wow shes so cool LOL I am going to miss you so so much you don't even understand. You are such an amazing friend and I don't know what I am going to do without you next year :( expect many calls from me checking in on you. pls PLS come back and visit. Thank you for always being there for me and being someone for me to look up to. I am so proud of u and I love you sooo much<3 - Victoria :)

Kayla Drum

Lilly Gomes: Ahh, I can't believe you're going off to college! I am so happy and excited for you, I hope you like it there and succeed. You were (and are) the best senior sister, I hope we can keep in touch. Good luck!

Victoria Nouss: heyy bestie <3 i am so so thankful that i have you in my life. You are like a big sister to me and I really don't know what i am gonna do without you next year (literally about to cry while writing this LOL) I love you so so much and I am so excited for you for your new experience and college journey (CRAZZYYYYY). I remember that you were the first nicest person to ever talk to me on the volleyball team and I will never forget it. Thank you for being there for me I will miss you so so muchhh<3 I love youuuu. PLS COME VISIT ME. - Victoria

Lauren Osuala: To one of the sweetest people I have ever met, CONGRATS ON GRADUATING! Kayla when I say you are literally the nicest and down to earth person I've ever met I mean it. Your spirit and aura is just so genuine, and I'm glad I got to at least be with you for a year. You've worked so hard for this and all of that work will pay off. I LOVE YOU KAYLA!

Ryenn Engles

Liz Sorvino Mancini: Hey Ryenn!!!! Thanks for being an amazing physics partner this year and I know you are going to kill it at Villanova!!!!!!!!

Rachel Esposito

Marissa Garnica: Rachel, Congrats on getting into UC Santa Barbara and congrats on finishing your senior year!!!!!! California schools are so cool. I hope you have such a good time in college. Good luck with everything. I'm sure you'll do so many amazing things. <3 - Marissa

Christiana Nwachuku: Rachel, girl you know what I have to say to you. I LOVE YOU, thank you so much for the free Starbucks, you're literally such a real one. You're so sweet (except for when you THREW SPRINKLES AT ME), and I'm going to miss you endlessly, but I know I'll see you because of our sisters. Major congrats on UCSB bby, I'm genuinely so serious when I say I plan on flying over one day. Don't forget me over on the West Coast, my ego can't take it. I love you copious amounts, I can't wait to see you do big and amazing things <3.

Maddie Estey

Maya Franco: Hey Maddie, Congratulations on Johns Hopkins and making it through your senior year!! Thanks for helping me during the beginning of the year when I was freaking out about wearing leggings and shorts to school. I loved watching the dance your choreographed for Chamber Dancers and the shoe change was super cool. Good luck with everything and have a great time in college. I'm sure you'll do so many amazing things!! <3 <3 Maya Franco.

Charlotte Betz: Hey Maddie! You have been an amazing robotics leader these past 2 years. I will miss you so much, and robotics won’t be the same without you.

Sophia Famular

Francesca Wan: hiiiii!! from chem facetimes to teaching me how to soccer, im gonna miss you so much. have fun in college! ~ francesca :)

Lilly Fanelle: Hi Sophia! I have loved getting to know you and having Music Theory with you these past two years. Thank you for making me laugh with comments such as "Does anyone have enough fingers to play that chord?" Thank you for giving me life advice after class! Also, thank you for doing my hair during As You Like It last year :) You are going to be amazing at Carnegie Mellon and I wish you the best of luck!

Charlotte Betz: Sophia!! I can’t believe you are graduating. I always had so much fun with you, whether it be throwing plastic rings at each other or just chilling together. I will miss you so much!

Nina Fazio

Iman Handy: Hi, Spanish buddy!! I'll miss our breakout rooms and presentations about sunsets and Zendaya haha GO KILL IT AT CHAPMAN, CALI GIRL <3

Olivia Galdi

Diana Reig: Thank you so much for being my senior sister this year! I hope you had many exciting and memorable experiences during high school that you can bring with you to college! Thank you for always being kind, thoughtful, and sincere, and I hope you have a great graduation!

Sofia Keri: Congrats on finishing high school. I'm sure you'll do great in college! Good luck next year!!!!!!!

Veronica Melendi: Thank you for being an amazing Starboard EIC! Best of luck next year!

Ms. Cohen: Congratulations, Olivia. And thank you-- for being so responsive, friendly, and helpful. We will miss you!

Julia Gerbino

Aadya Bharadwaj: Hey Julia :) thanks for bearing through Cat and I’s (very loud) late night facetime calls and random school questions... ...have a great year at Penn next year 💜

Carolina Ikuno: Hey, Julia!! Thanks for being so kind when I entered the upper school this year and for giving me advice when I needed it. It's been great being ONE of your freshman sisters (haha) and its amazing how you're already graduating!! I remember when you were in eighth grade, just entering the upper school, and fifth-grade me thought you were so cool. Today, your "coolness" lives on as you now graduate from the upper school and head off to college. I'm going to miss you but have an incredible time there. So proud of you and I know you're gonna be amazing!!

Riley Gonyea

Abby Nibauer: Hi Riley!!! Thanks for always being so kind and helpful to me in Physics, I don't think I could've survived any of those labs without you!! Good luck at Notre Dame next year!!

Nick Gordon

Veronica Melendi: You are an amazing actor and Radium Girls was so much fun with you! Best of luck next year!

Kelsa McKern: Thank you so much for having the courage to be yourself without apology during your highschool career. You've always been a huge inspiration and source of strength for me. Even just your existence has had such a positive impact on so much. Beyond just existing though, you're an absolutely fantastic individual who's always so nice and fun to chat with and who I'll forever be grateful for the advice and support from. You're an awesome guy, never forget that!! Good luck in the future, and I hope we get the chance to remain in touch!

Lilly Fanelle: Hi Nick! I have loved getting to know you for these past two years, both from the plays and Dance Tech! I will miss having someone to talk about gymnastics with during warm-up. I miss performing our scenes together like yelling at you during the Silvius and Corin scene and then running off the stage :) You will do great at Colorado College and I wish you the best of luck!

Sekai Marques: heyooo sekai here :). this past year has been really weird but it's also been really fun! thanks for carrying our dance tech class and for being an amazing theater junior/senior. i probably would have been really confused without you so thanks for that,,, also you're just an amazing person and i hope that your teeth never feel slimy and that you're never late to class again. we'll miss you and good luck wherever you're going!


Cari Corrales: Congrats, best of luck in college next year!

Samara Grannum

Angelica ​Nwachuku: Samara, I hope you have the best time at college! Good luck and I'll miss you so much!

Adaora Dadson: Yo Samara, idek what to say in a sis note uhh imma miss u ig? jk naw i actually will. u are like one of the only seniors that i really like. bca gonna be weird asl without yall but ill let u know how it goes next year. oh and spectrum...babes idk whats going on with that but i assume that if we did it this year you wouldve been a good leader. ur like kinda funny idk so ill miss that. good luck in florida bro don't get hatecrimed!

Christiana Nwachuku: Samara, where do I begin. You and your personality were quite literally the backbone of my freshman and soph year, and most likely one of the only reasons I was able to get through them mentally and emotionally. Thank you so much for always standing by my side (even when I know it was tough bc I’m annoying), and being the blueprint. I literally don’t know how I’m going to function next year without the blueprint of my personality, but I’ll figure it out RIP. There’s so much I want to say in this note, but I actually would not shut up if I kept going so I’ll end it here. I hope you have endless amounts of fun at Miami, and be prepared for a visit from meee :)

Jade Heningburg

Georgia Rabin: Hey Jade! I can’t believe you’re graduating! It seems like just yesterday we were all waiting in the primary school to walk down to the dining hall to wait for the Montclair Bus 🚌 ! Sorry for all the years of screaming and singing on the bus that I put you through… Best of luck next year! 😁🥰

Amna Jan

Emaan Jan: Woah I can't believe you are not going to be in school with me next year!!! I'm going to miss seeing you around the hallways, talking in between classes, and doing tennis + pe together. Love you sooo (x1000) much!!! <3 :)

Alice Carr: Hi! You have been such a great senior sister. Congratulations on finishing high school! I hope you have a lot of fun at northeastern, I know you will do great!

Caroline Johnson

Anna Aggarwal: Hi Caroline just wanted to congratulate you on finishing high school. I wish you the best of luck at college and hope you have a great time there! Kent Place will miss you!!

Kate Lowry: Caroline!! JV field hockey will not be the same without you next year! I am going to miss you so much so please come to LBI and visit me this summer! Good luck in college I know you will kill it at Penn!!! <3

Leah Paul: carolll ! i will keep this short because i've said it so many times by now but i am so thankful that i've gotten to know you and that i've had someone like you to help me navigate literally anything. from field hockey practices, to relationship and friendship advice and even reminding me who i am, you have definitely helped keep me grounded. i love you will miss you so much. thank you for everything <3

Grace Martin: CONGRATS CAROLINE! You’re so old I actually cannot believe you’re leaving me next year. I’m gonna miss you so so much. Hopefully you can link up with funky strunky during college! Love you the most and expect many visits!!

Paulina ​Kachalova

Elle Dambrot: Paulina, Thank you for being an amazing Senior Sister. I loved dancing with you in Chamber Dancers and performing your Senior Project with you. It was so much fun! Good luck at college and have fun!

Abby Nibauer: PAULINA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Still angry that you didn't join squash this year.... buuut thanks so much for helping me with my scheduling stuff and being a nice friend <3

Miranda Lorsbach: Paulina, thank you for being the sweetest person ever and such a great French presentation partner :) I will miss you next year!

Shefali Kamilla

Francesca Wan: hiiiii!! omg i cant believe u are graduating this year. im going to miss u so much.

Jocelyn Ameo: Hey Senior Sister! I hope you have a great time at your college and you had a good last year here at Kent Place. Best wishes to you for the future.

Molly Kelley

Annabelle ​O'Brien: Hi Molly, thank you so much for being such an incredible senior sister! You were always so sweet to me and you really helped through my first year of the Upper School. I hope you have an amazing time in college, I'm sure you will do incredible! Thank you for always being so caring, and for doing things like taking me to lunch, bring me Starbucks, and always saying hi in the hallway! We will miss you here at Kent Place, but can't wait to see all that you do in the future :) Congrats on all of the hard work you have put in, you made it! Good luck in college and thank you again for being an amazing senior sister!!! - Annabelle <3

Kayla Kim

Eirian Huang: hey kayla have fun in college i think you will like ohio and maybe you will be the next aubrey plaza who knows

Emma Chan: hiiii bae first of all im gonna miss u so much but i know you're gonna have the best time sitting in corn fields in ohio (is that what ohio's good for?) and playing oboes with lin manuel miranda. ive enjoyed every second we spent together, from our pep squad audition to STAR photoshoots to squishmallow hunting to les mis. i know i already said it (i can hear ms lee sighing over the repetition) but im gonna miss u so much and u BETTER VISIT SO THAT I CAN SCREAM TO YOU ABOUT RAMEN AND NEW SQUISHMALLOWS AND TEA (see attached image for more details)

Elina Kapur: Hey Kayla! Thanks for being such an awesome person all the time I have known you! I hope you have an amazing time in College!!!! :D

Mia Kintiroglou

Sahana Kapoor: Congratulations Mia!! I hope you have a great time at Amherst!!

Olivia Kwon

Eirian Huang: dear olivia i will miss you thanks for giving me a ride to places and for helping me with senate

Francesca Callejas: Hi Olivia! I'm gonna miss you! Latin class will definitely not be the same without you, and I'll miss our late night workbook chats. But I'm so excited to see all that you do. Wish you all the best Brown!

Georgia Post-Lipnick: Olivia! I am going to miss you so much next year! Thank you for being such a wonderful person to be around and someone who I can look up to. Brown is not ready for the violin queen, alto queen, and Senate queen you are. Love you<33!!!

Roshni ​Kopparapu: Hi Olivia!! Orchestra and Harambee won't be the same without you; you are always so kind and funny, and you're gonna kill it at Brown!

Elizabeth Laurence

Georgia Rabin: Elizabeth! Where to begin? Thank you for the ride home the other day (lol), for teaching me so much about the world, and for being such a good friend to me and a kind face in the hallways! My sincerest apologies for my many years of screaming and singing and screaming and singing and screaming on the bus 🚌 - hopefully I’m not THAT annoying anymore. Anyway, best of luck next year and please come visit! I will keep an eye on the Horns for you. 😄🥰

Serena Lee

Serena Zheng: Hello name buddy :D Congrats on NYUSH!! I'll miss seeing you in the hallways but I know you'll do great in Shanghai. Have fun eating Shanghainese food and I hope I can see you soon in person soon <3 Serena Z.

Trisha Lee

Vanessa Lee: Congratulations Trisha!! I'm so proud of you and can't wait to see what you accomplish with the rest of your life! Have the best time at Tufts!! Love you and happy high school graduation!!!

Skylar Lienhardt

Pilar Torres: SKYLAR! thank you so much for being so welcoming to me on the fh and lacrosse teams in 9th grade! i will never forget when after a preseason practice my sophomore year, you came up to me and said that you really noticed the effort i was putting in and how i stepped up as a leader on my team in a 7v7 scrimmage. you inspired me in every practice to not be afraid to speak up and i cannot tell how much i appreciate it. i will also never forget when during games, you would come up to me and hype me up if i made a mistake or maybe i just wasn't playing my best. the mental shift you provided me in those crucial moments will be missed so much next year. i cannot wait to treat underclassmen how you treated me, but no one can truly do it like you! good luck at UChicago (even though ik you don't need it) and please come back and visit! LOVE YOU <3

Eliza Lox

Veronica Melendi: Eliza, I loved hanging out in the hallways and talking during community service commitee! Best of luck next year!

Francesca Wan: hiiiiii!! im gonna miss you so much. good luck in carleton! ~your favorite wan sister

Sneha Shirhattikar: Hey Eliza, thank you so much for being such a great friend. I will always be grateful for you sitting with me on the first day and making me feel less alone. You have helped me navigate Kent Place and have been so kind. I hope you have an awesome time in college and I know you will do amazing things.

Megan Wu: Hey Eliza! Thanks for sitting with me in math class this year and always saying hi to me in the hallways! Congrats on finishing high school and good luck next year!

Charlotte Betz: Eliza, I love saying hi to you in the hallways. Ethics In Action was so fun with you!

Katie Lubow

Pilar Torres: KATIE! thank you for everything! from driving me to practice when i need a ride to talking to me on the bus to playing pond hockey in your back yard to just playing defense in practice every day together, you made the past couple years so much more fun and easy! i am going to miss you like crazy and i can't even begin to express how much the fh and ice hockey teams are going to miss you (lacrosse too for sure but i quit that so i don't care as much haha)! please come back and watch some games next year and i hope i will be able to see you at morris county a few times this summer before you go! so happy for you :)))

Hope Malloy

Megan Altier: Good luck at Wake Forest! You're gonna kill it! I hope you have so much fun! ♡ Megan

Nyatche Martha

Charlotte Betz: Thank you for being an amazing GSA leader!

Elizabeth Mastrangelo

Anyra Kapoor: Izzy!!! First off, I just wanted to say how much I am going to miss you next year. From Geoff's restaurant recommendations to cats on Zoom, I will truly miss all of our laughs and memories together. There is no one I would rather go through all those painful experiences with. Thank you for being such a funny and genuine person, and I wish you the best at Duke!

Ellie Michalchuk

Andrea Hanchuk: Thank you for being an amazing Senior Sister! :) Congratulations on McGill!!! I know you'll do great!!

Victoria Nouss: hi buddyyy!! CONGRATS ON GRADUATING YAYYY :) I am so so excited for you and I can't wait to visit (hehe LOL) You were the first EVER person to talk to me on volleyball and make me feel comfortable and I'm so grateful to have you in my life< 3 I am going to miss you like CRAZY next year so please come visit me!!! I love you so so much and I want to hear all about college!! (ps: you have to visit....its not an option) LOVE YOU - Victoria

Ashley Mikosh

Nora Clow: Thanks for being such a good senior sister. School won’t be the same without you! Have fun in college <3

Katie Powers: hey miss ashley - I want to tell u how dearly I will miss u next year. thanks for sticking with me all these years starting from when I was a freshman!! I still feel like we're both underclassmen in JV lacrosse:( i am going to miss u so much and i honestly have no idea what i would have done without you these past few years. there is truly no one like u💝 I can't wait to see u do biiiig things in college and i also cannot wait to visit u:) I LOVE U and am so proud of u:) ur a star mwah🌟 xoxo katie:)

Elizabeth Miller

Margeaux Morial: Thank you so much for being such a great senior sister. You've really helped me a lot throughout my first year at Kent Place. I really appreciate your bright attitude, and all your encouragement throughout the year!

Victoria Nouss: heyyyyy ITS MILLER TIME (im going to miss saying that LOL) I can't believe you are graduating so soon:( It feels like just yesterday I was meeting you in freshman year and now we're here....woah. I not really sure what I am gonna do without you and your killer hugs next year:/ I already miss you and your not even gone yet its insane <3 Thank you for always being there for me! College is gonna be sooo fun and I am so happy for you!!! Pls come back and visit! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3 - Victoria

Lauren Osuala: To my favorite senior, my Senior Sister, my 6 foot plus queen lol, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. You've given me so much confidence, especially in volleyball, and have shown so much love towards me. I'm going to miss you sooo much, but I want you to have an AWESOME college experience. I LOVE YOU QUEEN!

Margot Miller

Pilar Torres: MARGOT THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT FRIEND TO ME OVER THE PAST COUPLE YEARS!!! you made ice hockey 10x more fun and i genuinely have no idea what i am going to do without you next year! i can't wait to see all of the amazing things you accomplish and please please come back and visit me. love you and i am so proud of you for graduating (or almost graduating...idk when these come out)!

Gabrielle Moore

Nina Choi: Thank you so much for being an amazing senior sister! Best of luck at Cornell!

Sabrina Montouth

Iman Handy: Ah, Sabrina! I still remember meeting you in the lounge when I was in 8th grade with Miller on my Freshman-for-a-Day tour, and look at you now, goin' to college!! I'll miss you soooo much <3

Aya Mtume

Adaora Dadson: hey aiaiai, ig i should say something nice since im being FORCED to do these. jk i was probs gonna do it i just forgot about it but whatever. uve been like one of the only valid seniors in ur class and i feel like i literally see u everywhere like volleyball, bca, divco, pep squad (u betta send me those damn videos or else there aint gonna be no pep) and like even in MAPSO. sounding like fan behavior to be tbh🙄🙄 anyways i will miss u hella when u gone at cornell u were a rly good leader for divco and bca and now imma try to follow in yalls footsteps which is gonna be lowkey hard. have fun in ithaca (how tf u spell that) but yeah love ya ig

Lauren Osuala: My short queen lol, so proud of you! You brought me into KPS with so much kindness. You've raised the bar for me by getting in Cornell, literally black girl magic lol. Playing with you on the court has been so eye opening in terms of how to conduct spirit throughout. I LOVE YOU AYA!! P.S I enjoy your driving, you definitely need to give me lessons before you leave lol

Christiana Nwachuku: Aya, words cannot describe how grateful I am for you, and all that you’ve done for me over the past 3 years. You’re a real one for grinding out the club eval <3. Thank you for the endless amount of rides you’ve given me, and for overall just being nice to me even when we both know it was ...challenging. Also MAJOR shoutout to ogratz, I wouldn't be who I am without you guys. I would say I’m gonna miss you, but I think it’s a given I plan on not leaving you alone anytime soon. Have fun at college doe, I can’t wait for you to tell me all about it. I know you’re gonna absolutely BODY Cornell, they quite literally are not ready for you. Mwuah, love you <3!


Haley Murray

Ava Guarino: Have so much fun at BC! I’m going to miss you so much, thanks for being an amazing senior sister. Go kill it! -Ava


Charlotte Cote: Congratulations on graduating! I loved having you as my Senior Sister, and I hope you have a great time in College!!

Lauren Osuala: To the GOAT herself, congrats on Boston! I know this year probably wasn't what you expected but i'm glad you pushed through it. And I am BEYOND sorry for the concussion and ruining your season, but for the time we spent on the court I enjoyed every second. Until you left, i never realized how empty the court felt and how much we struggled. But I am so happy your healthy now, and pray all your dreams of nursing come true because I know you'll be a great one; I really mean it went you say "you'll be a great nurse" and "you have that nurse look" lol. I LOVE YOU HALEY!!! Have a great summer !

Georgia Rabin: Hey Haley! Precalc and Bio were so fun with you (sorry for all the hiccups)! Oh and thanks for that video of male seahorse giving birth, exactly what I wanted to watch on a Thursday after lunch! Anyway, good luck next year and come back and visit!! 🥰

Chelsie Nacelus

Leah Paul: hi chels :') i literally can't believe you're about to graduate - oh my goodness. not a lot of people can say that they've been able to go to high school with their best friend and I am beyond grateful that I've been able such a "pivotal" time in my life with you. thank you for being by my side since what seems like birth, i truly cannot wait to see all the amazing things you're gonna do. i love you so so much and i hope you're as proud as yourself as i am of you and everything you've accomplished <33 to the moon and back...

Sneha Shirhattikar: Thank you so much for being such a great role model and helping me with dance. I hope you have a great time at college and I really enjoyed being in your senior piece.

Abby Nibauer: Chelsie- I love you so much, thanks for always being so nice to me and being my Spanish bud

Hannah Asirvatham: hey chelsie!!! I'm gonna miss you so much next year! I'm so sad we didnt get to do basketball this year but you are one of the kindest people I've ever met and idk how I'm gonna do next year without seeing you in the halls :( I love you so much and I hope you have so much fun in boston!!! - love hannah <3

Peyton Nichols

Ariel Alleyne: hey peyton!! it was so fun playing with you the last couple years on the team- and i cant believe ur graduating already!!! ur literally a god at soccer and ik we all can’t wait to see u kill it at college !!

Grace Novak

Kathryn Cepeda: Congratulations on finishing your high school career at Kent Place, especially during a pandemic! I hope you have so much fun next year at Wake Forest and thank you for always being such a great senior sister. I wish you all the best in college and hope we can stay in touch in the future!

Leah Paul: graceeee, thank you for always catching me up to speed all the times when i have no clue what's going on, which is like always actually. i'm definitely gonna miss your encouragement during preseason and fhockey games. love you !!

Maddie O’Connor

Kate Lowry: Maddie!! I am going to miss seeing you everyday of the year:( Sailing club will not be the same without you!! You are a commodore through and through so go kill it next year smartie! <3

Leah Paul: maddie! i will always love you for bullying me endlessly and keeping me humble. you're literally such a bright presence and i'm so thankful that i've been able to be around that - field hockey and social will definitely not be the same without you. i honestly miss you already :( with love from me and my td bank fh bag, leah <3

Sophia Builione: Happy graduation to my favorite ice hockey teammate. Thank you for being the best Senior Sister I could have asked for. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish at Vanderbilt! Don’t worry I’ll take care of MK while your gone. -Sophia Builione

Alayo Oloko

Veronica Melendi: Thanks for being an amazing fencing team captain and I wish you the best of luck next year!


Sophia Paris

Abby Nibauer: Hey Sophia!! Thanks for being such a great leader of EconLife!! We'll miss you lots next year!!

Kaitlyn Parker

Esmé Kim: Thank you for being my senior sister! Congrats on graduating! Good luck in college. P.S. your dance for Chamber Dancers was really good!


Sydney Pence

Caitlin Geoghegan: Good luck at Colgate Sydney! Your gonna do amazing- I'm so proud of you!

Alex Pereira

Veronica Melendi: Thanks for being an amazing fencing team captain and Starboard EIC. Best of luck next year!

Maya Shpilsky: You made it!! I am so glad that we got to know each other this year and I can't wait to see how far you will go in college. Thanks for all drinks and I will miss you! :)

Abby Nibauer: Alex!! Congrats on Northwestern!! Thanks so much for being a great EIC for Starboard. You've inspired me so much and I wish you luck in college!

Ms. Cohen: Congratulations, Alex. You have left your mark on Starboard since day 1, but each year it's been something different and valuable. Thank you for 2 wild years of EIC-ing, and for being such a thoughtful leader.

Anna Peterson

Addison McGoey: Congratulations on Hamilton Anna! You’re going to do amazing at the school and on the field! Thank you for being an incredible senior sister!

Ruby Pollack

Francesca Callejas: Hi Ruby! I'm gonna miss you! Wishing you all the luck at Bowdoin! From, Francesca

Charlotte Betz: Hey Ruby! You have been a great robotics leader, thank you for showing me how to 3D print last year.

Maya Ranji

Georgia Post-Lipnick: Maya! I am so grateful for our friendship over the years and for all the ups and down. I will still always remember you by the girl who came to judiciary for making a "your mom" joke in English class. Thank you for going through high school a year earlier than me so you can tell me everything is going to be okay. Never stop spamming us with tik toks and Ani pics:) Northeastern is not ready for you<333333

Katie Markley: Maya, thanks for being such a cool Senior Sibling! Best of luck in college.

Erin Roth

Cassie Miller: Hi Erin! Thanks so much for being an amazing senior sister!! You were always so nice to me and it was so sweet of you to bring me coffee!! Thanks so much!

Kelsa McKern: You're such a lovely and sweet person who always manages to somehow brighten my day. Ever since we started being in art together, my love for that class was elevated so much with your warmth and friendliness. I really believe that you can handle anything that might come your way in the future, but I'll throw in a Good Luck anyways. Take care Erin, and know I'm always gonna be rooting for you!!

Miranda Wang: Hi Erin, congratulations on everything you've accomplished this year! Thank you so much for the kindness and empathy you've brought to our community these past years. I'm so grateful that I had a chance to get to know you, and I wish you good luck in the future!

Skylar Sim

Vanessa Lee: Congratulations!! Thanks for being my senior sister, and I hope you have the best time at Cornell! Good luck with everything that you will do, I know it'll be amazing! Happy graduation!!

Jenna Smith

Cassie Miller: Hi Jenna! Thanks for being an amazing comm serv president! You were so nice every meeting, and you are an amazing leader! Congrats on Yale!

Veronica Melendi: Thank you for being an amazing Community Service Committee President! Best of luck next year!

Charlotte Betz: Jenna you are one of the kindest people I know! Thank you for being a great GSA Leader.

Kaitlyn Szot

Miranda Lorsbach: KAITLYN!!!! I am going to miss you so so much next year and we need to stay in touch! You are such an amazing, thoughtful, brilliant, funny person and I am so happy we have made so many fun memories together whether it be in middle school swim, cross country (going to Six Flags after the meets there were definitely xc season highlights), and math classes over the years (even tho you abandoned me this year -- not the other way around). I'm honestly so sad you won't be here next year and I will really miss chatting in the hallway or lunch line but I know you are going to do such great things at Penn!!

Jasmine Algarin: Congratulations on graduating! Even if we didn't talk a lot, thank you for being my senior sister! :)

Georgia Rabin: Kaitlyn! Thank you for being an amazing friend to me through all the ups and downs. From me crying during math to your incredible life advice (you know what I’m talking about 😉) to middle school track to listening to Imagine Dragons at middle school swim meets, I am so so lucky to have you as a friend. You are the coolest, strongest, smartest person I know and you are going to do AMAZING things! Come back and visit PLEASE! 🥰♾

Tanmayee Talla

Katie Tan: Congrats on finishing high school! I hope you have an amazing last two weeks of school and a great summer. Good luck with all that you do and have fun in Philly :)

Caitlin Tam

Lucy Bashforth: Congrats on Cornell! Have so much fun next year, we will miss you on the tennis team :( - Lucy

Abby Nibauer: Caitlin, thanks for always being my squash buddy and giving me so much good advice about colleges and the future. I love you so so much and squash won't be the same without you.

Ellie Thatch

Clare (Lauren) Pawlowski: Good luck at UVA! You're gonna kill it! I hope you have the best time! -Clare

Kayla Turnof

Aadya Bharadwaj: Hey Kayla :) i’m sorry we didn’t get to talk much or see eachother this school year, but i’m really glad to have had you as my senior sister ...have a great year next year 💜

Riley Wagner

Maya Yie: Dear Riley, I hope you've enjoyed your senior year! Thank you for being my senior sister this year. I hope you have a good summer and good luck at Rutgers! Sincerely, Maya Yie

Natasha Wan

Morwen Xu: Hi, congraaaaaaaatssss on Tuftssssss!!! You're so amazinggggg. Best of luck in college.

Francesca Wan: hiiiii!! it's me, meimei. i'm gonna miss you so much next year. it will be so weird not to have you around. dont forget to text/facetime me every once in a while.

Roshni Kopparapu: Hi Natasha! I'm going to miss you so much in orchestra and Harambee (especially your laughs). You have always been so kind and bring such a great spirit to every rehearsal. You're gonna kill it at Tufts!

Maya Yie: Dear Natasha, Thank you for being a great leader this year and for answering any questions I had throughout the year! I hope you have a good summer and good luck in college next year! Sincerely, Maya Yie

Charlotte Betz: Natasha, I loved doing robotics and Ethics In Action with you! I am really going to miss you.

Grace Weiss

Ayana McMillan: Thanks for being such a great choreographer, and have the best time at college! xoxo

Elizabeth Wyshner

Cassie Miller: Hi Ellie! You were such an amazing captain and catcher for softball this year. You were always so supportive and helpful! You were such a good catcher and worked hard at the position even though you wanted to play outfield/shortstop. I loved pitching to you since you were always reliable!

Francesca Wan: hiiiiii!! you're so smart, nice, and talented. wishing you the best at notre dame! go irish! ~ your fav wan sister

Miranda Wang: Hi Ellie, congratulations on everything you have done this year! I'm so happy for you for all the things you've accomplished and all the things that lie ahead. You inspire and continue to inspire me every day with your leadership, integrity, and kindness, and I know you will bring these traits to wherever you go! I'm sure you will accomplish many amazing things in the future. Good luck!

Beka Zambrano

Victoria Nouss: BEKAAAA YOU'RE GOING TO COLLEGE AHHH. I am so excited and happy for you. I hope you have the best time there. GW is so lucky to have you! Thank you for always being such an amazing friend and person to me. I am going to miss you and your laugh. I'll never forget those moments during volleyball practice when we would just look at each other and start cracking up, especially when we attempted to sing best of both worlds and we just didn't know the lyrics LOL. Pls come back and visit because I am going to miss you like CRAZY. I love you!!!!!! - Victoria

Lauren Osuala: Beka, my other short queen, thank you for bringing such a new spirit and realness to my life. Playing on the court and laughing with you has been fun. I feel you you hype up my jokes the most lol; and I'm gonna miss you laugh and seeing your bright, beautiful smile. Also, seeing you come in everyday with your exquisite fits, if I could grade you, you would definitely get an A++! I LOVE YOU SIS!!! Enjoy Washington!