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Everyone at Kent Place is so do I keep from getting discouraged when other people may be doing better than me?

Don't worry--everyone works at their own pace and learns in their own way. Comparing yourself to others who are doing better than you doesn't make you "less than" and doesn't help yourself. All you can do is focus on doing your best work, and that puts you ahead of anyone who isn't giving their 100%. Even if people end up with a better grade, it doesn't necessarily mean they earned it. Keep your integrity and keep up the hard work. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses (and academics aren't everything :)

How do I stop falling asleep in class?

Although you really shouldn't be falling asleep in class in the first place, we've all been there, so here are some tips to help you get through. 

  • Drink Water (put some fruit in it to spice things up)

  • Try to get a good amount of sleep at night 

  • Eat a good breakfast and bring snack

  • Have a competition with your friends to see who can participate the most 

  • Make a deal with yourself--get through this class and then you can nap during your free

If all else fails, just keep pinching yourself to stay awake. It's never a good outcome when you get caught snoozing in class. 

Is it normal to have 10 fingers?

Being "normal" is a social construct. "Normal" is boring. It's good to be unique and be yourself (because, of course, everyone else is taken). 

I'm really struggling in Spanish. I've literally tried everything but I'm still getting bad grades. :/

We recommend you meet with your teacher and explain to her where you are struggling, and see if she can help you. If this isn't helpful enough- you can see a peer tutor (ask around who is good at Spanish or ask your teacher who they recommend). Another option is to have a discussion with your advisor about changing your language, if possible (you MUST have 3 years of one language in order to graduate). If all else fails, just keep doing your best work because that's all anyone can ask for :) 

What day is Thanksgiving? 

Some may believed that it is November 25 (according to our announcement). However, THIS year it was November 22...


Weird Flex but in 2021 Thanksgiving is in fact November 25, clearly we can predict the future. You're welcome ;)

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

Advice from the ultimate wisdom owl itself:

What do I wear to school dances?

Keep it comfy and casual! For regular dances in atwood or the field house, there is no need to go all out with semi formal dresses--jeans and a t shirt will do. Warning: it gets hot out their on the dance floor, so you may want to steer clear of sweatshirts or long sleeves. Your friends are also a great resource! For more tips, check out:

What sport should I play this winter? 

Basketball: Intense way to get 20,000 steps per day. Be ready to put in your hardest work and determination, prepare to make this your entire LIFE 

Swimming: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

Squash: Not the vegetable. Like tennis, just against a wall 

Track: Run until you are too tired to keep going, and then...keep going

Fencing: A ~cool~ version of sword fighting 

If none of these are interesting to you, you can consider the winter play or PE (offered during morning or free blocks)


How do I meet boys at an all girl school?
  • There are many options!

    • Mixers

    • School dances


    • Connections through other friends/other schools  ;)

If you are still unable to find one, don’t you worry. no boy defines you xoxo

  • PS: Our neighbors,  Oratory, is always an option.

I got a free trial on hulu starting on November 5 for a whole month and starting watching a show that has 7 seasons. I don't think I'll finish the show by December 5; should I keep my hulu subscription and actually pay until I finish the show or should I finish as much as I can by Dec. 5 and then save my money?
  • Option 1: Finish as muoch as you can by December 5. By the time your free trial is over, you could even just start a new free trial with a different email and finish watching the show for free! Yay!

  • Option 2: Pay for hulu and get unlimited shows

  • Option 3: Watch as much as you possibly can with your free subscription, and after that try and find the TV network’s website that your show is on and see if it’s on their. (For example, the CW posts episodes of their shows on their website for free.

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