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KPS-Themed Wordles

As you know, WORDLE has become increasingly popular amongst the world, and in the KPS community. Here are some fun KPS-related WORDLES you can try to figure out!

But before that, here are three WORDLE strategies!

  1. Start with “ADIEU.” This way you have the vowels (besides “o” and sometimes “y.”

  2. Try different sounding letters. For example, the “Ch” sound. A great word to use on the second try is “chose.”

  3. Try sounding out all the options!

Make sure to email if you get stuck!!

Wordle #1:

*Hint: This has been a tradition for almost 100 years at Kent Place.

Wordle #2:

*Hint: You have to be brilliant to figure this one out!

Wordle #3:

*Hint: The adjective used to describe a special room at KPS!

Wordle #4:

*Hint: There is a repeating letter in this WORDLE!

Wordle #5:

*Hint: A fun place to get to know your grade!

Wordle #6:

*Hint: The KPS school mascot.


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