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Spirit Week Winner: Seniors!

The Seniors went all out for spirit week--and they won! Here's an overview of the spirit week days:


A coveted day for all seniors-to-be, the current seniors were able to wear ~halloween costumes~ today! From TV Shows to Air Dancers, the seniors started off spirit week with a bang.


The seniors rocked the middle ages, representing all classes of people and all levels of the plague.

WEDNESDAY: DEPARTMENTS: SCIENCE The seniors got to imitate the science department today.

THURSDAY: STATES: HAWAII The seniors took a vacation on Thursday--to Hawaii! Their tropical get-ups stole the show.

FRIDAY: APPS: SPOTIFY Last day of Spirit Week was Spotify--so we had quite a large amount of celebrity sightings

Now...take a look at some of the winning costumes (click on the pictures for a slideshow with captions):

All in all, the seniors made their last spirit week the best one yet. Big shoutout to Liz Cotter '20, President of Student Affairs, for organizing this amazing week with her committee. All the costume idea's and fun games made for an exciting and relaxed week (of course, though, with lots of competition between the grades). The seniors are sad to have finished their very last spirit week, and just hope their amazing legacy lives on.

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